Island of Tete


The Independent Kingdom of Tete, the Kingdom of writers, poets, and wizards. Some of the greatest writers in history have come from this lonely isle, a product of the destruction of Boryen. Indeed, the Common language comes from the island, so influential is its literary and scholarly works on Juraedon.

But it is also an island that has been conquered many times. Its people is one that has been born in chains time and time again. But finally, in the last decade, Tete was able to petition for independence and won it. There were many dissenters, but at last, the first referendum in Juraedon's history had passed and succeeded.

Is this the beginning of a new hope for Tete? Its people require much help clearing out old forests and ruins that have been there for centuries. Adventurers and mercenaries are needed to help their new independence, and rewards will follow.

Tete is also the birthplace of the infamous Inisfail, one of the strongest warriors to have ever been born. There is a library dedicated to the study of him in the capital.

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