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Mendesian River

One of the great rivers of the world, the Mendesian is the lifeblood of Alk'kir. All of that nation's greatest cities lie along the river. It provides cereal foods in incredible abundance, especially within its delta. Along the river, you will find the growth of luxury crops like coffee and sugar and luxury fruits and foods like mangos or coconuts. Dyes are found within the marshes. These dyes are what provide Juraedon Proper with its flag's signature crimson red.

If the river were to ever dry up, so would Alk'kir.

Egypt is a green ribbon along the river edging the dark red desolation of the desert. It is a proverb, and one of vast antiquity, that it is created by the mysterious bounty and almost sinister benevolence of the Nile.

— Chesterton's The Everlasing Man
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