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Guardian Paxcua (a.k.a. The Prevaricator)

Physical Description

Special abilities

A lesser known, special breed of prophesier able to slow their prophesying to gain greater insight into happenings far and near, now and later.   Paxcua has often been thought of as one due to his many trips to random isolated enclaves scattered about the valley.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Confusion comes from the tales he's spun about himself, where he acted and dressed as a girl.


As a Ranger, responsibility of Paxcua's education would have fallen to whoever was his mentor. And if he really was a prophesier as many suspect, then it would have been befitting a noble, no matter his actual birth. Although, given what he would be known for and is inspirations, it could be guessed that he excelled in writing languages, history, cosmology, surveying, taxonomy and taxidermy.


Paxcua is accredited to being the first of all of āmatlahcuilo's priestly positions.


Praised as public teachers in the Salt States that do not typically offer formal education. Temachtiani settle into a community to stay and teach history and languages and to regale them with truthful tellings and humble lies.


A special advisor to rulers, to whom they offers guidance in navigating the public trust. Sometimes, they have served as father figures to heirs during regencies and otherwise maintain confidence in various rulerships.


Most people across the spectrum have had encounters with chīhuas who visit places between Mist and the Range simply to spread the stories of their contemporaries.


Composers of music, poems and sonnets. Cuīcapixqui travel freely across both Salt Side and Dragonsgrave, though it oft thought that their works travel further still.   They are most known for devising lewd rhymes that are wildly inappropriate for children but that many adult take a secret delight.

Accomplishments & Achievements


Āmatlahcuilo is the philosophy of storytellers. It is acknowledged that Paxcua created it by telling some of his first stories through the godly characters of Aztatl and Ozomahtli. They became mainstays of his ever popular children's tale, then mature content until, after nearly 20 years, people began to believe them for true; though Paxcua said otherwise.  
The reason his tales took on a life of their own is attributed to the fact that many carried warnings of the future and advise that kings took heed to follow. Or so it seemed.
— analysis of Āmatlahcuilo
  Much has been made of his surviving work, the fanciful and the bibliographic, and while some were clearly not made to be believable; others became the foundation of an accidental religion.

Failures & Embarrassments

And whether by design or accident Aztatl and Ozomahtli (his most remembered figures) may just have been re-imaginings of Tinged and Taulli gods respectively. Or a satire of them, because the chronology of their creation alternates between being two distinct deities to having manifestation of both congealed into one with either's name.

Mental Trauma

Escaping the Eternal War

Taulli consider it a religious duty to conduct war. Weakness and mercy are foreign concepts and incompatible with their way of life. A purposeful consequence of this is the "Dead Zone". "The Eternal War" is much like the Flower Wars in that they happen every year and are much less friendly.   It is the pursuit of a foreign policy whereby raids are sent to the collective realms' borders with non-taulli to kill destroy any settlement found there and kill potential animal game to discourage future immigration into the area.  
There has always been a question of Paxcua's gender. Though I don't know why since he has said he's male
— retelling of a Priest of Āmatlahcuilo
  The story of how Paxcua lost his home in the Weather Forts and ultimately came to live in Cuit has survived undistorted, to the disbelief of many culturists.  
As it goes, Paxcua's caravan was set upon by Warg or Taulli raiders, but managed to escape across the Dead Zone to to a Canton in the Shadow Realm.   As it happened, he came across women clothing and doned a braid crown and purple shroud and masqueraded as a woman for near half a decade among the most hostile people in the entire valley. He eventually made a break for it along the runaways rivers when a chief deemed he, as a woman, had been too long unwed.
— Journey of Paxcua


Religious Views

It can be assumed Paxcua followed the Rangers' porcupine god. He also gave observances and venerations to Thoth, Wenet and Sobek when it suited him to do so. But no one would call him a holy or godly man. In fact, the Gods of several religions were featured in many of his made up tellings, but such people could not always tell the difference.   It became so endemic that they made their way into official scripture; whose faithful likely never knew who Paxcua was. This was especially true for the Tinged whose coven trains cycled repeatedly around the circumference of the borders at the Brine Marshes. Every year, different trains would get a different version of a familiar story which would inturn circulate throughout the trains to Orbit Place come unrecognizable again.

Social Aptitude

Paxcua, in all the stories told about him, was never anything other than joyful and empathetic. Many people grow to like him after only short interactions.


Paxcua always bored in mind who is audience was before speaking. He had an uncanny ability to modulate his tone of voice so that crowds could distinguish his characters from his inflection or pitch. He would also pour levels of infectious energy into his narration to the effect of 'transferring feeling'.

Organization | Jan 15, 2024
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Mornther
  • Temachtiani
  • Tahtli
  • Chīhua
  • Cuīcapixqui
Circumstances of Death
Disappeared during Travel
Curly dark
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Tan
Related Myths
Known Languages

Ranger Traditions

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Eye Contact
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 4, 2020

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