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Eye Contact

by hughpierre


Social Situations

Looking into someone's eyes is considered disrespectful, even hostile, in the weather forts.   In instances when the persons involved are of equal social standing, they look into the other’s eyes and then away again. The speaker checks in visually with the listener and the listener confirms understanding through meeting the other's eyes. This cycles through every few seconds throughout duration of the conversation.


Ranger Expectations

It is customary to lowering one's gaze when talking to any older person or stranger as a sign of respect and reverence.   However, even though the Divas at Bai Sai are ethnically rangers, they do not subscribe to turning their gaze from anyone.
Even more, they discourage their followers from obeying niceties as well. And are quite belligerent towards visiting nobles.

Foreign Interactions

Leggi, Nidae, Mountain Toiks and River Toiks communities are in frequent contact with emissaries and have long learned the practices in gaining the best in trade relations.


Mentor-Mentee Relationship

As a part of fostering; a child is granted mentorship by another ranger family in a different weather fort. During which time, the mentee is expected to to direct their gaze to their teacher's throat or collar bone when speaking.  

Joint Efforts

Whenever active prophesiers come together in collaboratively efforts to foresee near and far events, they must turn away from one another- and be deprived of all senses.

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Feb 5, 2021 13:47

what is this supposed to be? can you tell me what was the inspiration for this?

Feb 5, 2021 15:00

Many real world cultures have taboos against staring or even looking into peoples' eyes.   The rangers are a mountain dwelling people with a natural proclivity towards having visions of the future and who live in super structures of cavernous rock. The rangers were given this tradition because it is meant to follow the trope of sensory deprivation being beneficial to opening the "third sight". But described in such a way as to maintain their in-world advantage, yet not give away their secrets to their foreign trade partners who would not have made that connection on their own.

Feb 6, 2021 14:15

Ohh it's a social norm in your world... interesting. Thanks this is good stuff man can't wait for more post