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Demon Rabbits

by hughpierre


It is said that the seeds of men and women were poured from a godly water jar onto the parched earth and from which the first people emerged. Their gods kept pouring and more good things sprung forth: animals, plants and especially the vine trees from which people made into homes.   But this was a mistake by the gods. Things can never be made too easy or too hard, so bad luck had to be poured into the world too. And so misfortune, disease and death came into the world. So too, did the taulli's manifestation of evil.

Historical Basis


It is thought by doctors that pestilence carried by rabbits decimated the taulli population in the ages past.
As brutish as they were, and are; taulli wise men apparently knew enough to connect the swarms of rabbits, told about, to the plague.
— Compliments of a Toik surgeon

Cultural Marker

There was already apprehension towards consuming rabbits in the plains when the wargs eventually arrived.   But it became ever more pronounced with the interaction between the two warrior cultures.   Exemplified by their respective attitudes towards the local rabbits; becoming a Taulli taboo and a Beron staple.

Cultural Reception

Rabbit Fear

Thus,taulli tribes learned to fear rabbits as horrible omens and religiously avoided their flesh as tainted.
Our most stout rivals mock us for this by tying rabbit pelt to spears, lobbing their tiny bodies into taulli ranks and smearing rabbit blood onto themselves as runic protection.
— Taulli Wise Man

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