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It is a random arcanic event where a pair of individuals, at the moment of death, reexperience a common point of their life.


It happens slowly, then all at once. In the moment I thought I closed my eyes, they opened again unbidden.

Mental Memory

Prophesiers who claim to have lived previous lives which grants insight into their current one. Therefore, they are able to play into the perception of "Seeming All-Knowing"

Muscle Memory

When a transmigrate returns to an earlier point of their life from when they died, certain attributes from how they previously lived travel with them. A commitment to martial routine, for example, affords one no need to remaster those skills.   As a result, they tend to change their life goals to the complete opposite to what they did in their first life.



There are always two. One to push and one to pull.   But it is random. The souls of the most fortunate pivot about each other as they tumble through the wind to find themselves back where they started.
— Unknown
  It could be next to impossible to determine a transmigrant if you see them. They are so rare as to be unknown except to the most recluse mystic. Although, tales are told of their eyes shining like a cat in the dark; as an indicator of transmigrancy.   It is not clear what factors can send someone's soul rocketing through the heavens. It is believed that whether or not a person 'dies' while inside a hexis heavily increases the odds of this random and unique phenomenon.

Alternate Names
  • Rule of Two
  • Oracle's Turning Wheel
Metaphysical, Arcane
Profession | Jan 10, 2021

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Grandmaster Teyvill
Andrew Belenkiy
15 Jan, 2021 18:51

Very unique concept, or at least, I rarely see something like that anywhere. The only lingering question is, do transmigrants proceed to dying after reliving this common point, or are they go on with their reclaimed lives, with some additional information in their heads?

17 Jan, 2021 15:50

They do through a single loop after their first death, exactly one do-over, during which they have retained the knowledge and experiences in their original loop. From that point on, they can die just as anyone else, and stay dead.