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by hughpierre
A hexis isn't a place per say. You might better think of it as an astral fog, moving in a predictable path across the valley. So predictable, that cities can (and do) base their calendars off the time of year it would be over them. A truly fortuitous time since wherever it lies, ones teotl potential rises.


Other than noticing your own uptake, there are not many ways to tell when you've entered a hexis. The only means that comes to mind are the increased lightning storms over Lightning Lake.   The medical effects of certain plants are also said to improve or have additional effects when under hexes, but I am not a botanist.


A great deal of effort has been put into tracking the path of hexes. By observing the stars, counting numbers or via priestly premonitions; no one, except perhaps the College , have devised a reliable means of mapping their path.   The College is usually singled out as the exception because convenient events of the past, which would be the doom of any other, has always happened when a hexis is over the mountain stronghold. Which has lead to the best possible outcomes for them: the submission talks, constructing the Sun Pillars, entering the Cocao War when they did. Perhaps even, the hexis play a part in training their war birds.   It has played so conveniently into their favour that no one doubts that they have learnt the secret.

Metaphysical, Astral

Settlements founded along a Hexis path

  • Ebenezer
  • White Woman
  • Crochide
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 18, 2020


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