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Lightning Lake


Lightning Lake is a lake located right at the foot of Tlopetla and the primary source of the river of life. The lake is freshwater and generally marks the end point of the Breezeway route.    In addition to the springs, the current lake also experiences alot of icy rain, as at the south end, pass the Toikorien area, the frozen clouds above the Cold Swamp begin to thaw and the ice melt is blown in the lake's direction.

Localized Phenomena

Coloured Lightning

The frequent lightning above the water is an atmospheric phenomenon originating from the winds beating the cold facing side of the Bad Step‌, and forcing the misty mass of rolling cold clouds to collide with the ice particles falling from the sky to set a charge which then discharges.   The lightning changes its colour throughout the year: from red, yellow, green and blue; to pink, purple, violet and even orange. It is thought that no two lightning bolts are ever exactly the same colour. They sky effects are different from year to year and occurs over 150 nights a year, for hours at a time.   The lake is very deep, and it is in its depths that the lake life tends to congregate in avoidance of the daily strikes. Similarly to the fish, many bird species are trapped by the light and wild winds which forces them to shelter in Tlopetla's Sky Coast and fly low to the ground; making bird trapping a lucrative business.  

Breath of the Lake

The lake unusually flows in two directions: into the sauoomsae‌ in the east; and into and from several underwater holes, some of which may also be the deepwater springs that feed the lake. This occurs somewhat seasonally, but no one can figure out why.

Fauna & Flora

Rubber Tree: The Sinklings of Mytenii imported and tended to a grove of rubber trees and is the only supplier to other Sinks in the Wilds.   Cacao Tree: A small evergreen tree that is grown sparsely between river toik communities in their limited space. Land controlled by Mytenii by the Light is more ideal for their planting but do so is forbidden by their parent city.   Banana Tree: The biggest export from the Ranger Shore of Lightning Lake. The seeds, pups, bubs or pieces of plants, addition to a variety of berries, were initially carried into the area by exiles to help sustain themselves.   Birds: The lonely Tlopetla Mountain stands in the middle of the East-West corridor, where the winds regularly and randomly change directions which tends to trap a great many birds of value. When they can, many birds also fly and roost around the circular basin.
Fire bird
Thunder bird
Best Hawk
Hue Headless
Spitting Sprite
Icy Sparrow
Bee Bird
Harpy Eagle
Two-Tailed Swan
  Mockingjay   Fish: Most, if not all, of the fish in the lake were originally brought in from alternative water sources in the Range or the Step to expand fishing opportunities. The lake is capable of supporting thousands fisher folk, but random strikes on the lake surface makes fishing here an unusually dangerous prospect.
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Border Territories

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Mytenii by the Light
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