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Mist Mountain Pilgrimage

by hughpierre


Travel Routes

Salt Climb
For most parts of Dragonsgrave, pilgrims gather near a limestone quarry before climbing a steep incline onto the salt flats at the top.
Mist March
Those starting from the lake shores begin by taking a boat to the mistgate ruins, then hiking towards the dark arch before finding the Belt infront.
Golden Road
The preferred route for courtiers traveling directly from Sheien and crossing Salt Place.


Pilgrim Support

A queer group of people living in underground villages in the salty desert who are willing to aid in their crossing at strategically located camps.
Misty Mountain Men
Either friendly or hostile tribes living in chasm cave who may need to be bribed for them to allow passage.
Mist Men
Vendors and hiking guides who provide vital services to the pilgrims passing by their businesses.


Sick folks desperate for the ghost's healing touch, where all other medical treatments have failed.
For once, the people from Mais agree with people from Sangsalgu.


Pilgrims can travel year round to the zagostone belt, but there is a notable uptake during the warmer months to take advantage of more comfortable travel, for as long as possible, because it is always cold in the belt.

Cover image: Pilgrimage by Satyaki Sarkar


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