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The Cold Lad

The Cold Lad is an ice making business run by the human Colad family that spans the Kingdom of Man and Draconian territory.  

The Business

Shovec Colad by RovaRed
The Cold Lad makes and ships ice in various forms, mostly in the form of ice that is later used in drinks.   The Cold Lad has a side business within it where Shovec Colad, as well as those he has entrusted to continue the practice, on special request carve ice sculptures for events.   Mostly they deal with gathering, making, and delivering ice.  


The Cold Lad is named after the Colad family that founded it. The Colads typically come from the city of Ortoise, a freezing city near the arctic continent of Moroza.   It is also, of course, an ice business, so the name is wordplay on the business, location, and family that it derives from.
Founding Date
Ice Business
Freya Colad


Shovec Colad founded the Cold Lad when he was 20 years old. His siblings all had ice magic, and while Shovec himself could not produce any magic, he was intent on finding ways to tame the chaotic mana of those around him. He figured the best way to do that was to find something productive to do with it, like making and selling ice. The rest of his family, after all, were Ice Mages.
Freya Colad by RovaRed
  Under Shovec, the business spanned throughout the Kingdom of Man, but did not expand much further. However, his son, Freyr, died at a young age. Freyr was swept away by the sea that Shovec had frozen, likely dying of frostbite or freezing in the arctic water.   Shovec handed his business over to his daughter, Freya Colad, Freyr's twin sister. While Freya was, at the time, too young to run it, she officially became the owner.   Shovec handled some of the business, his brother handling the rest until Freya graduated from the Magic College. Then, Freya officially become the boss and Shovec stepped down.   However, Freya expanded the business to Draconian territory, now with clients all over the world.   Due to this, and Freya living in Zephys, Shovec still handles some of the business, mostly the headquarters in Ortoise.  

Accepted Currency

Due to their headquarters being located in Ortoise, business with the Cold Lad often requires conversion of local currency to the currency used in the Kingdom of Man.   The Bortan location allows for Draconian currency as well as the currency of the Kingdom of Man, as the staff there will handle conversions for customers. Dwarven and Elven customers from nearby locations must convert their currency before purchasing. The staff can handle this if necessary, but it incurs an extra fee.  


There are two main locations where ice is manufactured, gathered, and distributed from. Multiple prospective locations have been considered, with two that are in various stages of development. Currently, the central and western settlements of Elone are generally unreachable by most of the Cold Lad's delivery services, but there are hopes that this will be changed soon.  


The Cold Lad was started in Ortoise, a city known best for its warrior training and production of military supplies. Ortoise is located on the north-eastern coast of Elone, by the arctic northern land of Moroza. Due to this, Ortoise is a freezing cold city.   The ice for the Cold Lad is gathered naturally from the northern coast, though some ice mages will also use the water from the ocean as a base, freezing it to make ice.
Naxiris Daxur by Jarhed
  The ice is then shipped out from Ortoise to as far west as the capital city of the Kingdom of Man, Nerodil. To the east, they ship as far as the Jihdi cities, not daring to travel into the Abral Islands. When shipping ice for travel, the Cold Lad takes enchanted frozen chests made in Ortoise, which usually are meant for bringing food or cold drinks from one place to another. This way, the ice does not melt and can be in good shape for purchase no matter where it is.  


Bortan is a Draconian Village of warriors, in a way kindred spirits to the people of Ortoise. It is the western-most Draconian village and lies on the southern coast of Elone.   From Bortan, ice ships to all Draconian settlements: Zephys, Yirthum, Tamd, Ealla, Waire, Ilder, Dembar, and Evity. Alongside this, it ships to the Dwarven city of Ebreichzell, as well as all settlements in the Elven Forest. To the west, shipments reach Stallbourne, Vitroveil, and Alzirgos, but dare not go further into the Strait of Ildial.   The story of the Bortan location explains its existence far better than simply the fact that it adds a new market, as the Draconian market is far removed from that of Ortoise. When Freya first began attending the Magic College in 960, she met the Chief of Bortan, Naxiris Daxur. Naxiris bonded with Freya, saying she intended to melt Freya's cold facade, but until then the chill of the "Frigid Bitch" would counter Naxiris's fiery passion.   Naxiris offered Freya a location to expand her business in Bortan, on the coast of the Bay of Wonder. Ever since graduation, Freya has kept around Bortan. With the help of the Chief, the Bortan location has grown to be a profitable and prosperous location that has grown the business by tenfold. Ice is common in Ortoise near the arctic, but in a hot place like Bortan and the rest of Draconian territory, ice is a welcome business.
Expressive Mastema by Jarhed

Prospective Locations

There are three locations that the Colad owners hope to one day have a "Cold Lad" headquarters in. Two of these are intended to open up new markets, while the third is for convenience for the largest market as well as Freya herself.   The first potential location is Shovec Colad's idea, though Freya has had no chance to agree to the idea, and Shovec is unsure whether she has the mind to do so. The location is the Human city of Perilun on the north-western coast of Elone. Shovec poured over maps of trade routes and saw Perilun as the central location to connect their Bortanni and Ortoise locations and tie up other markets, like that of the mercantile capital city of the world, Ruzrugh, and the tropical paradise Martinau.   The second potential location is Freya's dream: Manhottan, the big city in the second layer of Hell. Freya idolizes Devilish stock traders and businessmen like Expressive Mastema, so she wishes to expand her business to the land of capitalism and Devils itself. Shovec has tried to tell her this is unrealistic, but he'd rather let Freya dream than see her stagnate and fall into a rut.   Finally, there is the location that would add convenience: the largest city in the world, Zephys. Freya Colad lives in Zephys and sees that it would be convenient for her, and she also believes that it would be convenient for customers who wish for rare ice sculptures. Zephys often has large parties by rich benefactors due to its sheer size and the nobles who live in Upper Zephys, as well as the students of the Magic College in the city. Therefore, ice sculptures are in high demand there. Shovec finds the Zephys location to be a childish dream from Freya, but she has already begun preparations to get the paperwork required for the expansion.

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