Summer Camp 2022 Pledge of Glory

I Pledge to achieve diamond this summer camp for the greater glory of the empire and the expansion of its influence. May all that stand in my way be struck down and cower before by might - Jester%
  Ah, Summer camp is on the horizon once more at world anvil. It will be a time of many great writings that shall be achieved here. It will be here that our ships shall land on its shores and achieve immortality of what we do here in the coming weeks. A thousand shall storm it and fight to combat the foes that shall face us to achieve our goals. It shall be an epic clash that shall echo throughout eternity. Though not all shall make it to the end of the struggle, those who do shall carry on the torch so the writers will remember them, and their sacrifices were not in vain. For glory shall live on forever, and songs shall be sung in our names long after we're are gone.   If you wonder why I'm acting like this, I have entered an imperialism phase, I don't know how it started, but all I know is I have to get it out of my system before becoming an imperial officer of some far space empire. But I am glad this has happened somewhat as I plan to expand some of my writing this year, and summer camp seems to be an excellent place to start.  

Creative Goal

  I have been considering this for a while now, and I want to let you all know that I will work on some of my other worlds besides the Sagas this year. Three years of working on it are enough attention right now. Now is the time to work on other Ideas and let them shine in the light for now. Right now, I have some ideas on what I want to write on some of my other worlds, but these will be the main ones I will be working on this camp. Tales of Radiance and The Chronicles will also be alongside the Sagas, or they will be the main world for a time, and everything else will be put on hold. I am very excited about how this will turn out.    


  I want to try and expand the scope of my writing as my head is often filled with so many ideas, and having them break off into different stories seems to be a good idea, and summer camp seems like a good idea to start and share them. It should be a good thing for me as I need a change of direction and to spread the love for my other worlds as if they were my children. It is sad to leave them in the dark and not show them to anyone. Plus, if they help me get diamond with the new themes this summer camp comes, that's a bonus. I hope they step up my creativity while I'm at it to help all of this come along. I can't just wait to see where this will go and wait for July to arrive.    


  It feels refreshing to see a change in pace with these themes coming out to help get a few areas straight in your writing world. So I'm going to be brief on what I'm going to write for my worlds, but it will be a secret until it goes out, so stay tuned.  


  Since I have rarely written about the expanded regions of my world, it will be an exciting experience to delve deeper into them. By going into new worlds, I can mix a few things up now, considering that they won't follow the same laws are the Sagas would. I might want to try something out of this world if I were to get the chance, that is.  


  I have delved into many leaders in my writing, but I think it is time to work on a single group to flush out an organization this time. It will create a good feel of how an organization operates and the interactions that they will have with one another. As we all know that leaders can make or break an organization, we must see where it will lead us.  


  Discovery can mean many different things, from new lands to better technology. This will be a challenge for me as I deal with this sort of thing. But I am willing to try and experiment with it to see where it will get me. There will be trials and errors, but I am confident I will get where I need to be.  


  Monsters will be something that I will enjoy as I will be experimenting and creating some of my very own at this point. Of course, I am going to delve into some mythology as well to spice things up. Though I might try to create some groups and characters that might fight the picture as well as there is nothing more compelling than an interesting villain  


    I remember seeing this a long time ago and I decided to take inspiration from it in some of the creatures I will be making when I finally get to them.  


  I have been a Sci-Fi fan as much as a Fantasy lover for as long as I can remember. It was considering that I have watched the original Star Wars trilogy and Lord of the Rings multiple times has assured me that it will never get old. This is where the Chronicles comes into play, as it mixes both genres. It was more of a mix of ideas at first, and it was the first time messing with world-building with drawings that I made in elementary to middle school that I started to combine. I initially tried to bring it to life on World Anvil with some success, but it never gained as much traction as the Sagas did, but I will try again.  

Video Games

  Now I am going to let you all know that my original inspiration for my new work,d Radiant is a homage to Kingdom Heart,s a game that has just left a mark on me emotionally. Despite its confusing story and the history behind it, the way it portrays its characters and the world, or should I say worlds around them, show that it is a story about friendship, love, hope, and many other emotions that make us up as Human beings. While I will not make the lore around this world vague in certain places, I will, however, put a bit of a dark twist here and there on the ongoing conflict that appears in it.  


  Now just to let you all know, I am not someone that listens to music and prefer silence and my thoughts. But I don't mind it all if it's playing in the background. But when writing, I start to think about what sort of music would appear in this world and the tone it would have in it. So I search and let it play while I am working, and if it hits, it hits. So here are some of them that will set the mood.              


  I will not go into detail on what I will write but I have mostly been thinking about the leaders and the creatures that exist in my world so far. But I will just fly in blind like I always do and see it will take me in the end. It will be an interesting month to reach diamond.



Great Blue
Geographic Location | Jul 2, 2022

It is considered the largest ocean in the world due to the fact that now one has managed to cross it or even return from the journey.

Order of the Shining Beacon
Organization | Jul 5, 2022

An order that desires salvation for all who follow their beliefs in order to purify themselves when day comes when they are saved.

Amber Beetle
Species | Jul 8, 2022

A insect infamous for its ability to get out of sticky situations and it flammability.

Vehicle | Jul 10, 2022

A small but sturdy craft that is capable of traveling great distances in shorts amount of time and is an ideal ship for raiding by the Norrians the build them.

Akbar, the First City
Settlement | Jul 14, 2022

One of the oldest cities of the desert and still remains to be a significant place full of culture and trade.

Orange Radiance
Material | Jul 16, 2022

The most common type of Radiance that is used to power machinery and protect all from the power of The Gloom

Ethnicity | Aug 8, 2022

A fierce and independent people the Ruskev wander the tundra of Norria to live free and independent lifestyles while answering to no authorities.

Awakening of Fury
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 22, 2022

A rite of passage to become a full fledge Berserker that allows them to tap into the rage that give them their power or they shall become consumed by it.





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Have a good summer camp!

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God bless and much success with your plans! Just wanted to know that your link to Toby Allen is broken. It's accidentally entered with prefix before the DeviantArt url which redirects to your homepage because there's no page in your world at that address. This happened to me before for some reason too lol. Just thought I'd mention it. <3

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