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Priestess of Saphéne

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A member of the Church of Saphéne who leads the regular followers on the path of faith.



Any faithful believer in Saphéne the Mother Goddess can apply to become an acolyte at one of her temples. This position is known as suntadin, which translates as "faith student". Their duty is to assist the established bycópa while studying the sacred texts of the Goróbaó.   After several years of service, when their mentor deems them ready, a suntadin will be recommended to the ma bycópa of the duchy. The suntadin needs to prove their unwavering faith and profound knowledge about the subject matter. If they succeed, they will be appointed as a bycópa (or the male equivalent, a bycópó) and gain the right to provide temple services on their own.

Career Progression


Most bycópané are female, in line with the motherly role of the Sun Goddess. This restriction is softened in rural areas where fewer people choose this path. While male bycópóné have the same responsibilities and privileges at this level, they are not eligible for the higher ranks within the Church of Saphéne.


Each ma bycópa (literally, "great priestess") keeps an eye on promising candidates who will make it to her list of potential successors. Once the old ma bycópa needs to step down from this position, these candidates meet and vote for one of their peers to take up her duties.   The same principle holds for the hu bycópa ("high priestess") who oversees the entire kingdom, and finally for the dedó bycópa ("peak priestess") leading the Church as a whole. While a bycópa's rank is loosely related to her age and time of service, it is not unheard of that women of exceptional faith and wisdom are chosen over elder candidates.

Payment & Reimbursement

Every temple is supported by regular tributes from its community, and voluntary donations are strongly encouraged.   There are strict rules for how this money is used. First and foremost, the livelihood of the bycópa and suntadiné needs to be secured. Anything that remains after that is distributed as follows:  
  • 50% is spent on the temple and its services, from buying incense and decorations to maintaining the building itself.
  • 30% is used to support community members in need.
  • 20% is forwarded to the next level in the Church's hierarchy.



Their first duty is to educate people on moral guidelines and societal norms. Besides that, they strengthen the communal bond by encouraging people to worship together and mediating in case of disputes. They also look after the unfortunate, providing emotional comfort, shelter or food as needed.

Social Status

Members of the clergy were traditionally seen as pillars of society. Although the Nimýric civilization is shifting towards a more scientific worldview, much of this appreciation still survives in modern times.



The Divine Book

The most prized possession of any bycópa is their copy of the Goróbaó. During their time as a suntadin, several hours per day are reserved for studying the book owned by their mentor and copying its contents by hand. Completing this task takes about three to five years, depending on their skill and the effort which they put into decorations. Even after the printing press was invented, this practice was kept because it is ideal for familiarizing oneself with the sacred texts.

Temple Services

Many rites involve burning incense and other fragrant substances. This not only creates a pleasant atmosphere for worshippers, but also symbolizes their connection to the Celestials as the smoke floats up to the sky. Temples usually contain a dedicated cabinet where the necessary implements are stored. A traveling bycópa often carries small bags of these ingredients on a belt, as well as a vessel for burning them and the means to ignite the candle within it.
Alternative Names
bycópa (female)
bycópó (male)
moderate and decreasing


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