Saphéne the Mother Goddess

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The Sun Goddess of Life is the highest deity of the traditional Nimýric faith.

Divine Domains

Saphéne is seen as the embodiment of the system's star. She is the one who blesses Chryphóra with light and warmth, allowing life to flourish there. For this reason, she is also called the Mother of All Life, and it is believed that she is the one who created this world.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The radiant golden sun is her main symbol. She is also associated with the plants that turn towards her, and the colorful flowers that are believed to resemble those in her divine garden.


Religious Nimýrité worship her every Saphédino, which is the last day of the week. Higher holidays include the summer and winter equinox and the respective solstices.

Physical Description

Body Features

Saphéne is generally portrayed with warm yellow fins and hair. Said hair floats around her head like flames. Her eyes are golden.

Apparel & Accessories

Depictions of the goddess tend to show her in a long flowing dress that hides her feet. The dress is of a similar warm yellow as her fins and hair. Additionally, she wears a cape of a darker shade. On her head sits a golden crown with three pointed loops.
Divine Classification

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski
Character Portrait image: by Kathrin Janowski


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