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Unified Kingdoms of Greysilt


  • Eastern Craysilt: The High Road
    The thoroughfare between the Middle Kingdoms and the city-state of Feynor.
  • Mount Stonegrey's Sisters
    A range of medium to small mountains at the southern end of the Landzide Range. Encompassing Greendell Valley , these sisters are also known as Queen Mab's Revenge.
    Legend has it that somewhere within the long stretch of time between the Humans emerging from the primordial soup, and when Humanity began to build and defend cities, a group of Eladrin saw fit to rebel against Queen Mab. Stealthily they fled the Feywild, to a dreary prime material plane that they knew Mab would find abhorrent. Abhorrent enough to avoid entirely, and when the Winter Court transitioned to the Summer Court in accordance with the ancient agreement, they thought themselves safe for the time being. Safe enough to gather themselves and their power. Secure enough to recruit local human servants, and to take slaves when the contentious humans needed to be taught a lesson in mortality.
    But Mab has many far flung devices, and was content to let them be. 'They could maybe be of some use, later', Mab thought to herself. So she set her spies upon them, and turned to other, more pressing battles. It was during this time that all the lands between the Landzide Mountains and the sea became united under the rule of these Eladrin, who called themselves 'Aelfwine', a word connoting both freedom to act and freedom to speak. And they began to reject Mab, not just hide from her, but fill their servants and slaves with tales of Mab's cruelty, as well.
    It was not the talk and gossip that irked Mab. She would need a heart for that. It was the feeling of safety and power the Aelfwine were so conceited about. It slowly became obvious that they had deceived themselves, treating the Aelfwine as Mab's equal in power and prowess. Maybe it was the relative ineptitude of the short lived humans. Or their disdain for the humans, and for the humans' intellect. But it was a human, a secret worshiper of Mab, Queen of the Winter Court, who performed the ritual inviting Mab into their stronghold.
    Mab was...thorough. Only the leaders of the Eladrin Rebellion were left alive. Arms, and here and there a foot, could be seen sticking out of the ground that Mab had commanded to swallow them. She had twisted earth into mountains, taking the lives of every soul within entire townships, all at once. Other eladrin, even humans, are ice statues at the Winter Court now. And, grinning, she cursed the Aelfwine. Cursed them to eternal life. And that's when they began to change. Their legs changed color and fused together, then slowly crept up their torsos to their heads. Arms the of the same color as their new stems branched out, the tips of its branches ending in articulated, eladrin-like fingers, right down to the fingernails.
    Now, every so often, a dark green, succulent-like plant will sprout along the slopes of Queen Mabs Sisters. It will grow for one season, smelling softly of jasmine and patchouli, and then it will wither and slowly die; except the root ball will survive. Somehow, the root ball will migrate to another spot to grow the next time it is able to catch hold. And every so often, when the thirteen year cicadas (another relic of Mab's wrath) died off, the large succulent will bloom. One solitary flower will sprout from between the arms of the small tree, just where an eladrin's 'head' would be.
    This flower has incredible healing properties on its own, but mixed in conjunction with other herbs and certain catalysts, it can increase the power of various potions and brews exponentially. When sun dried and shredded, it is also a magnificent smoke.

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