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Eostre's Dawn

A day of celebration for the local children, who run around all morning looking for hard-boiled eggs that have been painted bright colors with geometric patterns. 
Many of these "eggs" are also made of other treats, such as sweet breads or pimento-stuffed potatoes. Chocolate eggs had been all the rage for a couple of years recently, but quickly fell out of favor, as they have a propensity to melt into a sticky-sweet, rodent attracting, gloopy mess. The streets are decked out with wreaths of spring flowers, and pastel bunting seems to sprout up on everything overnight. Parents spend the day adoring their children, and single folks tend to congregate at the pubs and music halls.


Prill the 4th became a holiday when High King Justinian ordered it so, in rememberance of, and homage to, Eostre's gentle machinations to bring about the end of the Elven Purge.


Children adorn themselves with fake "bunny ears", and run around their local town, city, or homestead, looking for hard boiled eggs that have been colored with bright, geometric shapes. Many of these "eggs" are actually made of other treats, althought chocolate has become infrequent. The adults watch, and remenisce, while the single adults hold mixers, or gather in pubs or bars, trying to meet that "special one".
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