Geography in Tellus

World Codex


  • Rhegev: Port Kalamihari
    The biggest, and busiest, port in this part of Taisha. There are, of course, others, but this is the largest; and, to anyone from Pax, it is considered tiny and primitive.
  • Terrapin Isle
    A tiny, lonesome little island...with a big, giant secret!
  • Greater Birkwud
    The last stop on the line! The barge turns back oward home, from here.
  • The Unified Kingdoms of Greysilt
    The five kingdoms, unified long ago by a good and strong king.
  • The Cerulean Trench
    A deep, deep area of the The Warmwind Sea , the sheer sides of the trench harbor homes, businesses, and common areas, built by a huge consortium of Merrow that went on to form their own empire in 4840NG.
  • Stilton Head-Fishhook Islet
    A vaguely hook-shaped islet on the southern tip of the delta.
  • Chipwich Peninsula/Gnomeman's Grasslands
    A virtually flat grassland marked by pockets of woodlands and a great bamboo forest to the south.
  • Rhegev: Sgàinead
    A city arranged around a crater; a hole punched into the glass of Glaine Cuan from underneath by a massive bubble of hydrogen gas that was released when the Sea of Glass was created. It is a small town by all measures, with between 1,800 and 2,300 residents at any given time. It is where the Blade Priests, known as Tchamut, train and live when not travelling with a tribe of Singers.
  • Terrapin Isle: Typical Shore Village
    A village on the very shore of Terrapin Isle.
  • Terrapin Isle: Typical Village
    A typical Terrapiner township of grass huts, arranged around the difficult landscape of their tropical homeland. The buildings are all on stilts, to accomodate the oft-flooded regions of the island, with the doorways generally landing on higher ground. Stairs and scaffolding help improve mobility throughout the hilly village.
  • Teotachetlan Hand Drawn Map of the Tolmec Empire
    The Tolmec Archipelago, a volcanic chain of island as far west as anyone on Pax has ever been.
  • Terrapin Isle: Hagdingle
    A crater, reached through a hundred feet of underground cave that opens on to a once verdant basin. Now choked with bleached and broken trees, there is a fire lit in a pit in the very middle of the hidden crater. Set over the fire is a heavy cauldron, filled with a green, bubbling ooze that pops and blurbles thickly within. The ground around the cauldron is littered with the bones of humans, elves, and other inquisitive peoples.