The Warmwind Sea

Known to have had many names, this beautiful blue stretch of ocean is paradise on earth. Fruit trees crowd each of the small islands that dot this strip of water, bearing citrus year round and bananas and dates almost continuously. Coconuts have more of a seasonal approach.
"The waters cin git a bit tricky out 'ere, kid. Currents come out o' nowhere. Little whorly-pools will just appear in the midst of a dead calm. Fog'll roll in so thick ya cin taste it, and sometimes, even, all tha' compasses stop working. Weird, kid. Weird."
Even though bright sun and mild, often hot weather are the norms here in the Warmwinds, it can be fickle and quick to anger, instantly wiping out entire villages.  This happens on a rare enough basis that the populations of the local tribes have wealth to spend and to lend, selling surplus food to the 'Castle Folk, up north' for gold and platinum. Exotic spices and make-believe 'totems of water power' are also sold to the clueless dry landers for a handsome profit.    There are literally thousands of shipwrecks in varying states of decay littering the bottom of this seaside nirvana, some of them loaded with wealth beyond measure.


  • Ruined Temple
    This temple is built of limestone quarried from below the structures themselves, as the landscape was levelled to build them. Tectonic activity, over time, has led to the downfall of this once grand set of worship halls, but three of its four holy wells still emit brilliant light. One of them was destroyed when a nearby volcano erupted; this one is so deep as to seem bottomless.   The surviving ceilings are all twelve feet high.

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