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Boosting Dice Actions

Every Character at some point in their story will face a moment when they really need to succeed on an upcoming Dice Action. That idea of "success" might be Lots And Lots of RAPs, or it might be "I need this incoming Dice Action to not affect me".
Clever use of Teamwork can often help.
Ingenious applications of the Jackie Chan Rule might improve one side or another, if some circumstance or environment can be adapted into the Character's immediate strategy.
Every Character is the protagonist of their own story. They must find the resources within themselves, ultimately, to achieve their goals. That absolutely will include applying their own abilities at a level in excess of their normal limits.
Elsewhere, we cover the method a Character can use to exceed these limits with an Automatic Action such as "strain to hold up a crashing starship" or "leap a tall building in a single bound". Within combat, that rule usually covers a conflict of Character versus Environment or vice versa. Outside combat, that rule is for a situation where the Character wants to push past their normal capacities in a possibly plot-relevant risky endeavour.
But what about when a defending Character needs to shape their Force Shield perfectly to deflect an incoming death ray away from the civilians? Or spot the single page of a lengthy document that was inserted after printing?
Whether out of combat (and therefore possibly using the Universal Modifiers Table) or in combat with all its Combat Maneuver options, a Character might decide to spend some Hero Points (or Villain Points) on increasing their numbers on an opposed roll.

This Law can be invoked:

On the plus side: Gadgets, environmental components such as buildings, non-adventuring civilians, and non-sentients do not accrue HP nor VP. They won't be getting involved in this article!
My usual rates apply, right?
Puma, scuffler-for-hire, to GM
Yeah. Sure. Add it to your current tab.
Just as long as you remember I'm an expensive urban asset!
Puma does not want another cross-continent wilderness trek for several years after the one he did in the middle of 2008, thanks anyhow.
He likes air conditioning and counter service.


As specified by our Genre rules:
  • A Character can raise the Acting Value, Effect Value, Opposing Value, or Resistance Value of their Power or Ability up to a maximum of twice its original value.
  • A Character can raise any values they control on a single roll, if they have enough points. Doing a Fatiguing check? The Character may spend points to increase their OV (based on the Power) up to double, and their Resistance Value (based on the relevant Resistance Attribute) also up to double, if they have the points to spend!
  • Each 1 AP of increase on each value costs 1 Hero or Villain Point.
I have Mojo Points! Plenty of 'em!
Puma decides to be extra-adorable today
No, you do not. You have either "Hero Points" or "Villain Points", depending on whether you're a good guy or a bad guy.
C'mon, we all know that I'm a great guy!
Note that I am not using my accommodating tone here.
Are you a "cape"?

Me?! Are you kidding?!? No!

Ain't you been paying any attention?

I'm no hero!

Look, I got a card and everything!

Puma fishes out his Thieves Society membership card as proof of his "villain" status. Or, at least, "gray mask".
Then you have "VIllain Points." End of debate.
You know, this is why the newsletters for the Henchmen's Union report that "so-called Heroes" are sell-out metas on the federal dole.
A certain catboy feels that the GM discriminates against him.


The description for the Power Danger Sense specifically excludes it from use of this rule! Danger Sense can never be increased by temporary point expenditure. Nor can the incoming danger bid points to prevent detection!
Thank goodness for that.

Dice Actions

1 HP per AP, per die roll

Compatible with


Boosting Procedure


1: Announcement!

The invoking Character needs to say, aloud and precisely, how many points they plan to raise what number that will affect The Action Chart and/or The Result Chart.
And whoever/whatever is on the opposite side, if they have Hero Points or Villain Points of their own, gets to respond with their own points spent.
Right, so what'm I demonstrating here today? Bust a hole in an armored vehicle? Scuffling techniques?
Puma peers at his character sheet
{optional: picture of Puma in "resting" form, possibly reading a paper in hand}
How about "both"? "Both" is good.
You know, it's a bad sign when you two GMs start quoting Miguel and Tulio at me. Whaddaya mean precisely when you say I'm demoing "both"?
Puma would have his hackles up if he was in his furry form
{optional: picture of Puma in "resting" form, scowling at the viewer}
Contract accepted.
Madame Mayhem powers up her second-favorite ranged attack
Puma thought he was going to be the AV/EV in the first round,
isn't that adorable?
{image of Puma in his "combat form"}
Bet yer backside I'm gonna spend some of my Villain Points to boost my Dodge!
Puma grabs the first pair of d10s he can spot
{image of Puma in his "combat form"}
2d10 show odd result by Hruthgar and Tepcat
your paws
those dice!




{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
DO NOT ROLL until everyone involved in this roll has either maxed out how many points they can spend (by running out? by hitting double their original numbers?) or has otherwise stopped increasing their amounts.
All right. Look. I'll blow, let's say, five of my Mojo Points on my Opposing Value here. I mean "Villain Points". That boosts my Dex up to a nice, even 14 or so, even before I have to think about my armor.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
I spend 7 Villain Points on my AV.
Madame Mayhem adjusts a setting on her new under-forearm grenade launcher

She can't DO that!

{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
Sure, she can.

Oh yeah?!?

No more Mister Nice Villain, cupcake!

I spend, uhh,
Paper's a little smudged here. Hard to read.
I bring my number up to seven! Seven points on my Dexterity!

Plus I'm doing that declaring Dodge thing, that's another column shift in my favor!

Puma has not yet maximized, but he's getting there.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
Yup, that's fine. Seven points from Puma to boost his OV. Madame Mayhem?
I spend 4 Villain Points on my EV as well.
Madame Mayhem adjusts another setting on her new under-forearm grenade launcher
Eleven total, then. David? You want to spend any points on your Resistance Value for this roll?
(hostile feline scream)
Puma shows off his fangs in a threat display
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
I'm going to translate that as a "no".
All set?
Okay, then. We have Madame Mayhem spending 7 VP on her Action Value and 4 VP on her Effect Value. We have Puma spending 7 VP on his OV and leaving his RV where it is.

2: Accounting!

Any points that someone said they would spend, even if they got outbid, need to be spent right then!
(David continues to snarl under his breath while
carefully erasing his former Villain Points total
and replacing it with a lower sum)
a certain catboy is highly offended that his opponents get to do what he gets to do
and only then:

3: Action!

Roll the dice! Apply relevant modifiers! Look at the Charts and determine the actual results!
2d10 by Hruthgar and Tepcat

Additional Demonstrations

Lightning Round

Now that we got that over with, GM, I want to nail you down on some other ways this "boosting" thing could go.
Puma meticulously claws Glue strands out of his blond hair
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
This sounds like fun! I did think we had everything neatly laid out, but maybe I missed something. What have you got?

Let's swap sides of the chart here. Say, I go to swat Tin Lizzie, here--

Oh. Wait.

Lizzie: d'you need me to pull the blow some? Job don't call for me to splat you like a melon or anything. I don't mind holding back a little. I'm a gentleman like that.

Puma interrupts himself to address Madame Mayhem
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
Have no fear, Kotik.
Awww, you called me "Kitten", that's sweet! Maybe later, you'n me can get together and
Puma turns on what he thinks is "charm"
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
Does this really have to happen on the clock?

Fine, sure, business first.


I swat Tin Lizzie -- nothing personal, you understand -- but I recognize we all got places to be. Don't wanna waste time. So I jump straight to max boosts.

What are my maximums, again?

{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
If you have the Villain Points to spend, oh Fuzzy Britches, then you have the option of increasing your APs up to double their original values. In your particular case, if that's a punch or an open-handed swat, you can spend up to 9 on boosting your Dexterity and up to your Strength up to -- wait, are you doing this in "combat form" or "resting form"?
Never mind that. I'm not using my full strength on even an armored person, not in one of these demos anyhow. Definitely I am not going to double it. Let's keep my Strength at a civil 5.
Puma interrupts the GM. Which is not his most brilliant tactic ever.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
Anyway, if you decide to use claws to get through Madame Mayhem's armor, then you still have a maximum of 9 Villain Points to double your Dex, but I believe your Claws are rated at 6 APs? You could pay another 6 to bring those up to a total of 12 for one attack.
Uh huh. Okay.
Puma looks carefully at his character sheet.
He retrieves his pencil from a pocket in his armor.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}


So the idea is: in the interest of getting this whole Boosting thing done quick so I can move on to the next encounter, I go into this combat and I say, "Hey GM, I'm going to max out my AV and EV on attacking Tin Lizzie."

Puma revises his Villain Point total, then sets down character sheet and pencil. He squares off against Madame Mayhem.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
You have to announce the numbers, David.
What, all of them? Seems unfair!
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
You don't have to say what your starting numbers are, no. You don't even have to say what your final totals are. But you DO have to say how many points you're spending. Exactly how many.


I'm boosting my AV by 9 and my EV by 6. Happy now?

{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
I increase my OV by nothing! If the Kotik hits me, he hits me. I increase my RV by 10.
Madame Mayhem to the GM
Grand. Fifteen total from Puma, ten from Madame Mayhem. Anything else? No? Edit your character sheets already? Good, Roll the dice, David, and tell me if that answered your question.
Honestly it did not seem much faster to jump straight to max bid on my end. I didn't force my opponent to go all in by doing it myself. This whole thing really does hinge on what each participant thinks of their own abilities, huh?
Puma watches Madame Mayhem work at rejoining the edges of the four gaping slashes in her armor
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
And on their resources to hand, yeah.
Makes sense. Listen, she's gonna be a while. Can you scrounge up another combatant for one more round?
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}


No Frenchman in this scenario, right?
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X.
We are not getting paid to put up with the Frenchman!
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X.
That's fair. I'm not getting paid to put up with your teammate Scythe, neither.
Puma eyes two out of five members of a mercenary team
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
They're on the same contract as you are, Puma. Focus? Please?


Actually I was going to ask how this "boosting" thing intersects with teamwork.

So I guess they're a good substitute for Mayhem.

{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
We love to use Team Attack!
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X.
We love to use Team Attack!
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
No argument there.
I do not think the combination of the Boosting rule and the Team Attack combat maneuver is difficult, but I can see where a live demo might be useful. A brief one. Non-lethal. All in good fun, everyone hear me?
We might as well demonstrate this on both sides at once. Puma, you need a teammate.
Also I need "dibs" on the AV/EV side of the Action Check.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
No way!
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. glares at Puma
That's a violation of Subclause Eleven in our contract!
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. waves an employment agreement at the GM
Oy vey!
Just ... roll Initiative while I dig up a fourth for this tennis match.

Boosting a Team Attack

Make a wish!
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. advances toward Puma's left side
Make a wish!
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. advances toward Puma's right side
They each rolled higher than you, Puma, and they're going on the lower of their two initiatives.

I saw what they did to John over on Damage Redirection!

Maxing out my OV right away!

And. Seriously. Don't touch my hair!

Puma tries to keep both combatants in sight at once
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
For purposes of this demonstration, I'll spend 3 Villain Points on my AV and, oh, 2 on my EV.
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. prepares to use a Snare which started at 7 APs
After the Gadget repairs I just had to buy, I'm low on resources. I can put 9 APs into my AV -- this is the hypothetical bio-adaptive tranquilizer all over again, right? Because I kind of want that for real!
Dusk prepares to use Mental Freeze at 9 APs
Puma hurries to check his Mental Resistance Values
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
But at that point, I have nothing left for my EV.
Dusk prepares to use Mental Freeze which started at 9 APs
Right. Uh. Dawn is spending a total of five for an effective, let me see, carry the one … that's a Snare 10/9? And Dusk has Mental Freeze at 18/9.
Puma? You want to counter-bid here?
i want that Chef guy on my team!
Puma is not happy with his current Mental Resistance Values
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
He is not available right now. C'mon, man, I thought you were up for this.

I'm up for plenty of fun!

I just.

Supposed to be Team Attack with Boosting on both sides. Isn't it?

Puma to GM
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
It is, yes. But you can only spend your own points. Dawn can't spend points to raise Dusk's EV, and you can't have a teammate spend points to raise your RV.

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

Not so.

Or. More accurately:

He can't make me do anything with my Hero Points.

But I can choose to.

If he'll cooperate a little.

Feral gulps down the last mouthful of her coffee so that she can set the mug safely out of the way.
ExCUSE me?
Did someone invite Wyldfire to this demonstration?

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

Cats, man! What're you going to do?
Feral bares her fangs at Dawn and Dusk in an extremely unfriendly grin.

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

Feral to Puma
Yeah, little molly?
Puma grins more honestly at his favorite hellcat
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

This count for what I owe you?
Feral to Puma
Of course not!
Puma snorts in amused derision
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

You're so stubborn about that!
Feral to Puma
So … you walk, then?
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to Feral of Wyldfire
So … you walk, then?
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to Feral of Wyldfire

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player


I have the Leadership Advantage.

Feral to the tired GM
I know that.

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

I give Puma 35 Hero Points.

Here, Tomcat!

Don't fall down!

Feral to Puma

What a pretty little turn of events!

Okay, GM. I've got two attacks coming at me. They're both bidding Villain Points before they roll their Team Attack. I'm gonna boost right back at 'em.

For the physical attack by Dawn, I max out my OV -- my Dex of 9 -- but I leave my RV alone. I don't think she'll get me. If she does, I'm a tough guy. I can take it. Nine Villain Points spent there.

For the mental attack by Dusk, I boost everything I can. Five points into my OV, seven points into my RV, total of 11 Villain Points spent.

Puma to GM, cackling with glee
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
Hero Points. You spent Hero Points on your Mental defenses.
You know what? It doesn't matter right now. Dawn? Dusk? Any more expenditures?
May we Team Attack the leopard also?
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to GM
May we Team Attack the leopard also?
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to GM
Not this round, no. Team Attack has to be against a single target.
Oh. Of course. We knew that. Teensy memory lapse!
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to GM
Then, no, Miss. We're done boosting for this Initiative.
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to GM
Then edit your character sheets accordingly, please, and let's get to the rolls.

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

And then you pick out one of them. And we do a team attack!

Feral to Puma
Not that I need assistance for that. But maybe they can Team Defend?
Puma never leaves "well enough" alone.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
That … is a good point, in fact!
Let's jump forward a bit. Rolls resolved with the proper Column Shifts for Boosts and for the Team Attack. Nobody got hurt, nobody got Damage Redirection either, and everybody now has their own 10 points to spend in this coming round.

Boosting a Team Defense

First we need a quick overview of how Team Defense works:
  • The attack is centered on one target: one Character, one object, or one location. Defenses combine to increase the Opposing Value versus a single attack -- which might be a hybrid of two or more attack types, but is arriving in a single assault.

    (For example: It might be a gigantic piano flung through the air, but containing within its frame a psionically charged Mind Blast Gadget.)
  • Each participant in Team Defense has to be within Range of the target to use that Character's defensive ability. Being within Range of the attacker is not enough for Team Defense.

    Some defenses can happen in an area of effect, or can be projected at a distance. Others will require the contributing Character to use their Move Action for the combat phase to interpose themselves between the target and the incoming danger.
  • Each participant in Team Defense has to use an ability within 3 columns on the The Action Chart of the highest-rated ability in the combination.
  • Every defensive ability has written in its description what type of attack it opposes.

    Most will work versus Physical Attacks, although that may specify "only energy attacks" or "not melee hand-to-hand combat" or some other more detailed limitation.
    If no contributed defense works against the type of attack being made, then Team Defense does not apply!
The "multiple types" thing won't apply today. We're doing all Physical Attacks.
Puma lets M.A.T.R.I.X. know what kind of Team Defense they should prepare
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

Quelle surprise!
Feral unsheathes her claws as she curls forward into slash-or-pounce position
And we're attacking the blonde!
Puma straps a large tank onto his back. It's connected to an all-too-familiar tube-and-belt combination.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
{optional: picture of a tennis ball cannon, modified to be belt-fed}
Any particular reason you picked me?
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X.

Blonde solidarity?

Of course, my hair is actually blond.

And actually hair.

And looks, y'know, fantastic.

But I'll give you points for trying!

Puma grins gleefully
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

Anyway, that's how you two usually arrange things. So this is a routine you should already have down.
Feral jerks a pointy thumb claw toward Dusk, who typically acts as backup for Dawn
Haaaa. Ha.
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. exaggerates the sarcasm
Ask and ye shall receive.
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to Feral of Wyldfire
Whatever floats your boat.
In this scenario, if I'm understanding right, Team Furry is going to do a Team Attack versus Dawn. Team Hair is going to use their bio-reactive armor in a Team Defense to protect Dawn. And the part we're actually here to demonstrate?
Whupping furball butts?
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM
Whupping furball butts?
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM
No. Cooperate with me or I'll dock your pay.
Sorry, Miss.
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM

We've fought Feral before. I'm not sure how Claws and tennis balls are supposed to combine into a single attack.

If it was separate, i'd be looking for a Flailing Attack from the faster one followed up by a Critical Blow or a Trick Shot from the slower one.

But this? This is new strategy from Short-n-Crabby.

Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to Dawn

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

(makes an exaggerated gesture of kissing her fingertips, then patting that paw on her own backside)
Feral uses a visual language to give particularly crass advice to Dusk
I think we're looking at a Planned Knockback Attack here. I think they're trying to separate us. I'm going to use my full 6 APs of Martial Arts skill to defend my teammate, and I want to boost that up by 4 Villain Points to make a nice even 10.
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM
I'll contribute my armor's 8 APs of built-in bio-adaptive Opposing Value as i swat away anything that comes flying at me! And increase my Skin Armor by 2 APs!
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM


They figured us out!

You were right, little molly: they do have ten brain cells to rub together between them.

Puma to Feral
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
I've got 5 leftover Hero Points from my hunting partner, which I spend to increase my AV.
Puma to the GM
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
{optional: picture of a tennis ball cannon, modified to be belt-fed}
I said quite specifically that you had 10 points of your own to spend, Fuzzy Britches, so that's half of your allotment for this demo. You can call them "donated Hero Points" if you want.
Right now I'm looking at a Team Attack that combines a Tennis Ball Cannon AV/EV 5, bought up to AV 10 / EV 5, with some kind of effort from Feral; and the two of you working together lowers the OV by one column shift on each attack. On the other side of the Action Check is a Team Defense based on Martial Arts boosted to 10, enhanced one column shift of OV by the target's armor. Rissa?

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

Yes. Sorry.

We're doing Team Attack like you said. My part is to pounce on Dawn, using momentum to do a Planned Knockback driving her out of melee range of Dusk.

I'm not trying to kill anyone today. So the claws are out for grip, not for direct attack. I'll use my Dexterity 11 as the AV and my Strength of 3 as the EV -- but, hey, listen, Puma's EV is going to be better than my Strength. Can we use that as the base instead? My best AV and his best EV?

Feral to the GM
No. That's not how Team Attack works! Once everyone is done boosting the dice actions, you are each going to roll, and whoever gets the best roll, you're both going to use that to resolve your own simultaneous attacks. Those will go against the Team Defense combination of Dawn and Dusk for both rolls.

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

Oh. I think I understand now.

And since this is Team Attack, not Team Defense, then my Hero Point expenditure does not carry over to what Puma does even though I'm a Player Character.

I'll blow the maximum 3 HP on increasing my EV to a 6. Don't want to do anything to my AV.

Feral to the GM

This is anti-hot guy discrimination, is what it is!

I stand pat at my 5 points on AV.

Puma, who is both a Villain and an NPC, to the GM
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
{optional: picture of a tennis ball cannon, modified to be belt-fed}
I leave my OV as it is since I'm combining it with Dusk's Martial Arts. But I'll bump the 2 Villain Points I already put on my Skin Armor up to 5.
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM
I raise the limit: because I'm using Martial Arts 6, I can go 6 Villain Points up on our OV to a 12. That leaves 4 points to spend on Dawn's RV.
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM
Hey, I can combine Team Defense with Block, right? Because I have 5 Villain Points left!
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to the GM
You could. Yeah. But not today, okay? This article is already too long. Also, Dusk, you can't spend your points on someone else's RV. Only on your own.
Okay. Final numbers with boosts look to be:
  • Feral is rolling Dex 11 / modified Strength 6 against Dawn, and imposing one column shift in Feral's favor because it's a two person Team Attack against a single target.
  • Puma is rolling Tennis Ball Cannon modified AV 10 / unmodified EV 5 against Dawn, and imposing one column shift in Feral's favor because it's a two person Team Attack against a single target.
    Don't forget about Planned Knockback Attack with the results!
    Puma aims the tube's opening at the legs of the yellow armored costume on Dawn
    {optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
    {optional: picture of a tennis ball cannon, modified to be belt-fed}
  • Dawn and Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. combine their defensive efforts to keep Dawn where she's at. They oppose Team Furry via Dusk's modified Martial Arts 12 OV / Dawn's armor's italicized Body of 5 plus a modified Skin Armor of 10 to make an RV of 15. Then, because it's a Team Defense by two people, they add back one column shift in their favor.
I would have been better off doubling my OV instead of using yours.
Dawn of M.A.T.R.I.X. to Dusk
Sure. But then I would've had to spend all of those Villain Points just to qualify as a contributor to your defense, which blows the point of the whole demonstration.
Dusk of M.A.T.R.I.X. to Dawn
In which case, Dawn still would have lost that column shift on her OV. As it is, either Puma or Feral has to roll at least a 28 for Puma's cannon or an 18 for Feral's pounce to knock you anywhere at all.

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

I told you we should have both Clawed the tentacles! Trick Shot would have given us better numbers!
Feral to Puma
Sod off, molly. I like my Tennis Ball Cannon!
Puma fires a few extra rounds at everyone in the room.
{optional: picture of Puma in his "combat form"}
{optional: picture of tennis balls all over the place}


Boosting a Wealth Check

Wait! Waaait. I can Boost my weekly Wealth Check if I use it for plot-related reasons?
by CB Ash

Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Not for piddly things like "buy my team a round of cheeseburgers at the drive-through", either. That's going to be an Automatic Action for anybody with a Wealth higher than, say, 5 APs or so. Even if you do it as part of the overall Evil-Fighting Strategy.

Moon Knight offers Knight Thrasher a fried pepper ring
Oh dear God. Thank you. Bless you.
Knight Thrasher is down to try these new snacks
by CB Ash
Just bear in mind: if you roll double ones, you Burn Out your Wealth for that week. And win yourself a Wealth-declining Subplot.


Knight Thrasher stares in mute horror
by CB Ash
Moon Knight did not appreciate that particular souvenir tee shirt


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