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Critical Blow

A Critical Blow is an attempt to direct an attack at a weak point in the target's defenses. Like a "called shot" in other systems, it's harder to connect this kind of attack, but a successful Critical Blow will also do more damage. Statesman is likely to throw one of his projectiles at the joint of an opponent's armor, and Moon Knight is likely to elbow-strike an opponent in the solar plexus.  

In both cases, the Opposing Value , representing the opponent's attempt to not get hit in the first place, goes up 2 Column Shifts; the hero is less likely to hit just the right spot. If he DOES succeed, though, the Resistance Value drops 3 Column Shifts, meaning Lots More Damage For Him.


Critical Blows can be used in conjunction with most kinds of attacks, and their column shifts don't count toward Knockback.


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