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Pushing Automatic Actions

adapted from "White book" pages 85 and 96


This rule applies to a character straining to overuse what would normally be an Automatic Action, based on an Automatic Power or an Attribute. (The version of this super-effort for Dice Actions is given elsewhere: it’s the one where someone pays one HP for every AP increase to AV, EV, OV, or RV.)
In particular! If the Player wants to boost a character's Automatic Action in combat as part of another Character's or Gadget's Dice Action, the rules for Boosting Dice Actions apply to all sides of that roll. Pushing an Automatic Action during combat will typically apply to a conflict of Character versus environment!


In order to Push their Flight, Radar Sense, Cold Immunity, or any other Auto Power, the Player must make an Action Check using the APs of the Ability that they want to Push as all four sides of the roll: AV, EV, OV, and RV; the RAPs from the Push are temporarily added to the ability being Pushed. Hero Points may be spent to increase the Acting or Effect Values of the Pushing Action Check. RAPs that are added to an Ability only last for 0 APs of time (equal to about 4 seconds, or one phase of combat) before the ability returns to its original level.
In addition to any HP spent on the Pushing Action Check, a special "Push Fee" must be spent, equal to 3HP for every AP temporarily added to the ability. The Player is not required to use all the RAPs from the check, which allows them to save Hero Points on the total fee.

Hey now. If I pile up some Villain Points, I can Push an Acting Attribute to increase my Initiative!

— - Kamikaze Clyde of the Freakshow

No. It is never ever possible to temporarily increase Initiative this way.


— - Kamikaze Clyde of the Freakshow

So it IS possible to increase my Initiative temporarily, then!

— - Kamikaze Clyde of the Freakshow

Well, yes. See Initiative Boost for that process.

On my way right now!

— - Kamikaze Clyde of the Freakshow


Automatic Actions


  • optional: 1 HP per 1 AP of AV or EV increase
  • Push Fee: 3 HP per RAP added to the Power

Compatible with



If the Player fails in an attempt to Push an Ability, the Ability instantly “burns out” from exhaustion! It is reduced to zero APs, and must be regained through the use of Recovery Checks.

Field Leader Feral with pre-mission coffee by character's player

This could really stink if it's Regeneration that is being Pushed.

I do not recommend Pushing your Regen.

— - a certain catgirl member of Wyldfire


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