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This is a physical power that falls into the subcategory of "travel powers".


Flight does what it says on the tin: It allows a Character to move freely in any direction through air or space (unless a Power Limitation gets applied during purchase). Some forms of Flight also allow travel through denser fluids such as water; speed penalties will apply for movement through substances more dense than a gas at standard atmospheric pressure. Ocean water, for example, inflicts a -2 AP penalty on the speed of a Character who decides to "fly" through the epipelagic zone.

Side/Secondary Effects

The APs of Flight are the APs of distance that can be traveled within four seconds, also known as "one phase" or "Zero APs of Time".
A Character who performs no other Dice Action in the same round has the option of using their APs of Flight as the OV only versus a Physical Attack as an aerial Full Dodge.

This is inspired by the power of the same name in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book", on page 45.

Link: Dex

Range: Self

Type: Auto

Base Cost: 10
Factor Cost: 3

Power Limitation Options!


-1 to Factor Cost above

Applied Restriction

A Character who has Flight and decides to travel through water or space had best also think about life support concerns. Flight does not come packaged with Sealed Systems or other survival mechanisms!


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