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This is a physical based power. When a character purchases this power, this means that the character has literal claws, talons, spines, horns, antlers, horns, stingers, or some other sharp method of physical attack attached to their person for melee-ranged combat.


At the time this power is purchased for a character, the player must decide what 'sharp method of physical attack' means for the character. Is that literal claws? Does the character have a ridge of spines that they can extend out of their skin? Is it quills? Or perhaps the character has fangs.


When the power is used in game to make an Action Check, the character's Dexterity serves as the AV, or Action Value against a target. The APs of the power act as the EV, or effect value against a target. A 'target' could be another character or inanimate object.

This is inspired by the power of the same name on page 44 in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book".

Link: Dex

Range: Touch

Type: Dice

Base Cost: 25
Factor Cost: 1


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