Talons Rising

The conflict across the Uferbrech Archipelago between the Motu and the Protectorates hides deeper machinations of the Elder Gods who seek release from their prisons beyond the veil.  
Author's note: This is heavy with big spoilers for long campaign ideas set in Shadowfire, and may contain ongoing seeds of stories I will tell in other formats¬† Reading through will obviously undermine anyone who might ever want to play or read... so... you know, enjoy the ideas if you want at your own risk.   Also - very much a WIP.¬†

The Motu's freedom

The Mothers of Motu and The Talons of Aetora seek to drive off the forces of the Protectorates from Tokaru and reclaim the lost lands of the goblin tribes.   The devout among them are driven to protect the secrets of the ancients beneath the The Uferbrech Gyre from being disturbed, and to return the world to the deeptime state of Ashtiri (cycles of rebirth).   Show Spoiler


  1. The Talons free their imprisoned leader and the other slaves at Omberstad
  2. Hobbling of trade across the Archipelago
  3. Treaties built with other powers such as the Tangled Fathoms, or even mainland Protectorates
  4. The ousting of Akron at Omberstad
  5. The invasion of Badenton and slave uprising

Akron's dominion

The forces led by Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos based in Omberstad, seek to hold dominion over the Uferbrech archipelago. Akron hopes to build wealth and influence enough to claim high-Lordship over the mainland Protectorates. He seeks a return to the glory of the Age of Ascendency for the people of the Returned with himself as both saviour and ruler.   show spoiler


  1. Discovery of crystal Uhd at the Mines of Koigua
  2. Discovery and invasion of Talon's Reach
  3. The take-over of Camp Thrifty
  4. The corruption of the Motu's alliances
  5. The assassination of Kalia Reefwatcher and colonisation of Motu island

The Unchaining of Ghul Drazul

The Elder God Demonl trapped at the heart of the rift in space time deep within the wastes of @Mortugurra, seeks to undo the astral bindings put in place by the heroes of the The Cabal at the end of the Godlings Wars.   Show Spoiler
It has many divided cults and followers at play behind the scenes, seeking worship, magic, power and artefacts buried within the ruins of Uferbrech sea.   One of these is Gorias De Soto who serves the demon's dark designs. If he falls, another will be pushed to track down and continue his work.  


  1. Gorias increases the rate and extent of his experimentations on goblins and other kin to turn them into thralls and expand The Knives of Kustos. More and more people go missing.
  2. The Mirrorshield of Wala is identified as a map with cyphered instructions to the astral binding beneath the Uferbrech Gyre - but no translation is known
  3. The Lesser Avatar of Ghul Drazul beneath the Mines of Koigua is awoken
  4. Gorias' minions get their hands on the information the lesser demon protects vital to understanding the shield's cypher - the firetouched markings of the various tribe leaders.
  5. Gorias sends agents to infiltrate the Motu to learn more about the secret of the Mirrorshield
  6. Global slave trade becomes more active - abductions reported across the Protectorates and Shimmerlands
  7. Gorias (or master) seeks to drive Akron's invasion if needed, bribe the forces at Camp Thrifty, or even partner with the Motu themselves to get access to the Uferbrech ruins
  8. Gorias (or master) uses the blood of his thralls and sacrifices to undo the astral binding beneath Uferbrech ruins and unleashes a horde of elder god avatars upon the region.

Other factions:

These are less active, but may respond to the portents of others. Many are yet to reveal themselves and work actively behind the scenes. They may become allies or foes, and each seeks their own outcomes.      

Camp Thrifty and the Trusted Few

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The motley alliances of pirates, exiles and fortune hunters at Camp Thrifty seek freedom for themselves above all. They may hold many potential allies and connections to others across the Shimmerlands and Mortugurra.

The Protectorates

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The mainland Protectorates, including the other Lord Protectors of Helton and New Lafaelle, do not want Akron to succeed. They are happy with the status quo, or even get rid of his troublesome ways altogether. There are many other minor lords eager to prove themselves in his stead though.
  • The Ministry wants to see food, goods from the mine and other wealth returned to the mainland
  • The Academy seeks knowledge of the ancients from the ruins, and can also be a source of ancient lore
  • The Trinity is desperate to keep control of worship across the world - for fear of another Godlings World.
  • Sudengard in particular is a hotbed of sympathetic allies to the Motu and Camp Thrifty.

The Lords of Fire

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The rulers of the Gleaming City - remnants of devils and fire demons released during the destruction - have no desire for Ghul Drazul to be freed. The seek to rule over Shadowifre and enslave others to their will.
  • They may report the loss of their own slave trade
  • A source of information about Ghul Drazul - for a price in trade - Uhd, dead bodiesslaves
  • Fight for the status quo - do not want to see the world revert
  • The Usokufa in particular holds information about missing goblin slaves and potential secrets behind the Mirrorshield

Other hidden factions

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The Hidden Kingdom
The secret network across the lands that seeks to undermine the workings of Ghul Drazul and complete the task started by the Cabal, banish the demon and set right the turning of the world. They seek to establish alliances beyond national or tribal borders.
  • Annika Lux is a key agent of the Hidden Kingdom. is a key agent of the Hidden Kingdom.
  • Keeps a close eye on Akron and Gorias' activities
  • Will help to free Motu slaves
  • Can help establish connections between Motu, Malama, Stoneforged Assembly and Glimmertown if needed
  • The Keeper of The Dart at Camp Thrifty is another, and will attempt to subvert any investigations of the Uferbrech ruins.
Mallazzar Kyzen
Mallazar is leader of the hidden faction of the kin at Deepmot who agitate against the rule of Nolno Vengassi and return to living in isolation. She works behind the scenes to destabilize the relationship between Deepmot and the Protectorates. Her spies work everywhere they can to uncover anything that could help their designs.

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