Rolara Life of Shen Feng Wa Timeline

Life of Shen Feng Wa

  • A Mysterious wu jen Saves the World
    The 10,000 Mile Dragon Barrier Appears
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    A wu jen with mysterious powers creates an impossibly long wall from the body of a Dragon using his mastery over magic.

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  • 144 AW

    Shen Feng Wa leaves home
    Life, Milestone
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  • 136 AW

    9 Ninth Month 9:00

    Summoning to the Golden Tower of Heaven
    Religious event

    The Jade God summoned Shen Feng Wa to his pagoda, The Golden Tower of Heaven. There, Shen Feng Wa's name was seen in the Scroll of Heavenly Coronation.

  • 129 AW

    Zhe Na gains a teacher, and Shen Feng Wa gains a student.
    Life, Education

    Shen Feng Wa begins teaching his other students in the forest near Zhe Na's childhood home. Curious and ambitious, Zhe Na convinces Shen Feng Wa to accept him as a student.

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  • 126 AW

    125 AW

    The Dream of a Restless Son
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Shortly after his death, Zhe Na began appearing dreams to his Mother, Lady Yin.
    In the dream, he begged her for a shrine to be built, so that his soul would have a place to rest, and for more shrines to be built so that even in death he could see the world. These dreams were thought to be linked to his birth, because Lady Yin suggested a wu jen put something in her bosom as she dreamed, telling her to take this child. In both cases, Lady Yin believed she was being communicated with via her dreams.
    This shrine was built in secret, but soon became popular. Zhe Na granted miracles such as healing for sick or crippled children. However, once Zhe Li Jing found out about it, he burned the shrine to the ground, believing Zhe Na has caused enough problems for the family already.

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  • 124 AW

    Resurrection of the Child: Enmity of Son and Father
    Life, Birth

    The burning of the shrine by his father angered Zhe Na and a strong enmity grew between them. Eventually, Shen Feng Wa resurrected Zhe Na, giving him a new body in the process. He also gifted the boy with the Wheels of Fire and Wind and a Fire Tipped Spear. Son father engaged in many battles after this.

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  • 119 AW

    119 AW

    The Defeat of Lady Rocky
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Lady Rocky, a demoness over 10000 years, was challenged by Zhe Na. Shen Feng Wa saves his pupil, summoning 9 dragons to melt her.

    White Bone Cave
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  • 106 AW

    9 Ninth Month 9:00

    Shen Feng Wa asked Kano for advice
    Gathering / Conference

    Kano, using his thumbe and forefinger only, flicked Shen Feng Wa on the forehead, begining his century long journey beyond the stars in heaven.

  • 106 AW

    9 Ninth Month 10:00

    Shen Feng Wa Observes and Contemplates the Crystal Spheres
    Discovery, Exploration

    Shen Feng Wa was struck by Kano. As he flew from the force of the blow, Shen Feng Wa traveled through the heavens and beyond the stars. He didn't stop, even after he was far enough away to see the whole crystal sphere.

  • 2 AW

    1 Third Month

    Shen Feng Wa Leaves Felthir

    Remembering The tale of Zhinu and the Silk Bridge, Shen Feng Wa knew that he could return home. Once he returned to the crystal sphere, he traveled along the celestial Silk Bridge until he returned home.

  • 2 AW

    12 Fourth Month

    Arrival on Rolara; Shen Feng Wa says Goodbye

    The means of travel unknown to all but Shen Feng Wa's closest confidants, he arrived back in Rolara more than a century after he left to find a world with as much war and greed as before. Realizing the world is quickly changing and having the power to help, he began hiding away Ancient Jiao technology to keep it out of the hands of those who would endanger others.

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  • 2 AW

    15 Fourth Month

    Shen Feng Wa leaves a gift

    Shen Feng Wa brought with him from beyond the stars a strange gift unlike anything on Rolara. He left this gift with a young princess he admired. How soon this took place after his return to Rolara is unknown, but he dropped off the gift before hiding Ancient Jiao Technology, that much is known.

  • 0 AW

    Extinguishment of the Stars
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Foreseeing the destruction of Rolara and unable to stand by while greed and lust for power corrupted those who ruled, a group of brave adventurers gathered the Stars of Power before sealing their light away forever.

  • 0 AW

    Ghost Month

    The Last Mechanism Goes Dark
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Though bittersweet in the implications, the Gui citadel called the Demon Forge was shut down, for the first and last time since the transmutation Star of Power was first ignited there. Though only there as an observer on behalf of the Jade God, Shen Feng Wa feels responsible for the event.

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  • 1523 PE

    1 Eighth Month

    Birth of Stone Monkey

    A meteorite supposedly fell atop Flowers and Fruit Mountain. There, the Black Team discovered a gigantic stone egg, and witnessed the birth of Stone Monkey.

  • 1524 PE

    3 Ghost Month
    1524 PE

    6 Ghost Month

    World Martial Arts Tournament
    Gathering / Conference

    The first World Martial Arts Tournament brought absolute Chaos to Jiaohai, but also ended a war. Dulcimer the Doll defeated Wang Jing of the Wang Clan in the final round; a ki-rin who named itself the Spirit of Combat appeared during the fight, and inspired the combatants to fight on further. The God of Martial Arts, Zhenwu was honored throughout by clever and mighty warriors alike.
      Shenmi, the Eldritch Lich was defeated with the aid of the Temple of Zhenwu's stone lions. These same stone lions came to life again when Shenmi's appointed champion, Menace, completed the ritual to summon the Hun Dun. After defeating the Hun Dun and saving the city, Breaking Aura was urged to continue fighting in the tournament, and lost due to fatigue. Radiant Feathers was awarded a holy scroll by his patron deity himself, Bi Zhashe, who spoke through the Emissary of Heaven, Taiyi Zhenren, and his honor displayed during the competition inspired legends even in far away lands.
      Thundering Baboon was visited by the Goddesses of Wine and gifted a gourd filled with Pantao Wine, a sweet concoction made from the Immortal Peaches of Heaven. Lixue learned the horrible truth of the Black Horn Society, and has committed herself to its destruction from within. She has made diplomatic relationships with powerful rulers across Rolara and on the Plane of Elemental Fire, in a bid to avenge her father and restore her own legacy.