World Martial Arts Tournament (最強星空武術大賽, Zuìqiáng xīngkōng wǔshù dàsài)

The Martial Arts Tournament of the World, or Zuiqiang Xingkong Wushu Dasai ( 最強星空武術大賽 - literally "The strongest under the stars martial arts competition," A.K.A. the Mightiest Under the Stars Martial Arts Tournament). This contest of martial skill began as an annual tradition. Eventually, it became every three years, then nine years, and eventually it stopped being held altogether in the year 1415 PE (813 Celestial Calendar).
  Rumors abound about the tournaments imminent return. It's eventual location and new format are unknown. Traditionally, champions are entitled as Mightiest Under the Stars.


Though Zhenwu is the God of Martial Arts, the disciples who held the tournament started it originally to determine the mightiest mortal alive in an attempt to bring honor to Zhenwu. The last tournament was 108 years ago, and legend has it that the champion, Zhizhi Laoshu, showed off his famous technique during the last round


Before the tournament main event begins, the participants are given randomly arranged preliminary bouts. Usually away from public eye, these match ups dramatically reduce the number of competitors down to a mere sixteen warriors. Once the final 16 are determined, the, they are given a single night to prepare for the last rounds.
  The first round of eliminations are then held on one day, the next round the following day, and the remaining fights on the last day. After the last match ends, the winner is declared the Mightiest Under the Stars and rewarded with immense treasure from the ruler of the land.

Components and tools

Competitors are meant to show their martial skills, but the tournament isn't meant to be a series of Death matches and honor is expected of those who are competing with. Bringing weapons into the ring, using poisons, or gadgets of some kind are all typically grounds for immediately forfeiture of the offending party. However, tooth and claw have been held up as not weapons in nearly every instance it was challenged, and fighters who had bestial features often were allowed to fight.
Particpants were also required to be clothed, after one attempted to cleverly distract their challengers by streaking naked across the ring. They were not disqualified, and in fact they did not stop the match. The change was effected moving forward from that historic incident.
  Once 16 final competitors have been chosen by monks of Zhenwu in a secret ritual, a bracket such as the one depicted here is used.


Many hundreds of would-be martial arts champions trained their body, mind, and spirit with the single minded goal of one day attaining the title of Mightiest Under the Stars. In addition to the competitors, dozens of officials and administrators are required to maintain and facilitate the entire competition. Their duties include judging matches, conferring with rules and historical cases, and moving wounded fighters to the infirmary to be tended towards.

The Competitors

Competitors traditionally were required to meet specific qualifications to enter. Each must have the endorsement of a martial arts master of some renown, must be old enough to enter of their own volition (the age requirement has varied over time), and generally they are all required to pay a nominal entrance fee. Registered fighters cannot bring coaches or seconds, nor are they allowed to have moral support or guests with them. Spectators cannot interact with fighters, to prevent cheating.

Tournament Officials

Most iterations of this contest were held and administered by the monks at a monastery of Zhenwu. A supplemental task force of government workers assists them, and the announcer who would give color commentary and serve as a master of ceremonies was often a famous celebrity of the Era.
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