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Maiden Armor

Maiden Armor is one of the most protective and powerful armor sets in all of Alézun'Teran.
Both feared and revered, not only is it a symbol of purity and healing but also of corruption and destruction. Believed to be deeply connected with Isaris Energy, it is said that the fabric of reality — and subsequently the laws of nature — are strengthened by the armor.  

Origin of the Maiden Armor

Kknowledge regarding the origin of the Maiden Armor is believed to have been purged by the Amnesia Pulse, which has elevated its mystical air greatly. All attempts to uncover its lost history have been futile, and in some instances, dangerous to one's general health.
It is, however, generally believed among some scholarly circles that Maiden Armor is one of the mythical Astyvern Artefacts, and thus was most likely created by Architect.  

Possibly Unique

It is not known how many of its kind exist and some are of the belief that only one instance of the Maiden Armor can exist at a time. This, however, is heavily debated in certain societies due to fact that there have in fact been instances where wearers of Maiden Armor have been observed in several different locations within the same time frame.
Those who are rumored to know how it actually is, either refuse to speak of it or are incapable of doing so, their words becoming affected by the Redacted Filter.  


Maiden armor is said to appear on individuals seemingly at random and without prior warning. Some requirements, however, are believed to be necessary, but it should be noted that these are still heavily debated.  

Females Only

"Have you ever heard of any men being bestowed the Unicorn Armor? Exactly. This is an Armor that belongs to us women. Simple as that. It is our burden to wear.  
— Yvonne Heavenlake.
The most well-accepted requirement is that the wearer needs to be born female. Over the course of 6 millennia, no instances have been noted when a wearer has been male. The reason as to why this is, no one is quite sure. Not even those who are said to know more of the Armor than others.  


"For the seventh time, I am NOT a virgin! How is that so difficult to comprehend? Just because I have been bestowed this Maiden Armor? Did you forget that part where I am a former prostitute!? On a slow day, I used to sleep with two men and a woman before lunch, alright? I am quite experienced in the delicate art of pleasure!  
— A very frustrated Francesca Stål.
Possibly the most infamous requirement — as well as the most debated one — is that the wearer is to be a virgin. This is the source of one of the Armor's names and while a certified number of wearers have indeed been virgins, there have also been instances where that has not been the case. Especially when it came to those who came from a past of prostitution. It is also known that the Maiden Armor will stay on, even if the wearer loses its virginity post-bestowment.
One possible reason for this believed requirement is due to the theme of purity regarding the Armor, and the cleansing of corruption.  
"I'm never again questioning how the terms 'maiden' and 'not a virgin' could work in the same sentence again. Had to seduce my bloody way out of that situation and my gods-be-damned-back still aches! She was a damn beast in the sheets, let me tell ya.  
Tonarus Craust, after a quite eventful night, involving some amount of alcohol and a flirtious Francesca Stål.

Pure of Heart

"Pure of Heart? Of course. But that does not mean I don't sometimes get royally pissed off! Attempting to rob my beloved friend? Foolish decision. Oh, and don't worry about your friends. They will live. I'll make sure of it. Healing hands, so to say.  
Francesca Stål, while grabbing a thug by the throat, as seven other thugs lie dying and bleeding on
the street around them, while a slightly
traumatized Tonarus looks on a few steps behind.
Possibly its most vague requirement, the wearer needs to be Pure of Heart. The general consensus is that it is someone who is kind, has an accurate moral compass and is generally a very nice person to be around.
Of course, this does not mean wearers do not get angry or have morally questionable actions; something that is not always talked about in tales about Maiden Armor wearers. A piece of obvious good advice is to not get on their bad side, as the punishment they whip out can be quite extensive.  
"Do not be coy with fate, Tonarus. Gals like her may look like purity and innocence incarnate, but suddenly: bam! Straight into the pavement they'll put ya. Don't look at me that way, miss; I know what— Oh shit!  
Chimera Valmundi, in regards to a certain bedpartner of Tonarus Craust.

Effects of Maiden Armor

Stability Aura.

Maiden Armor affect the fabric of reality around the wearer, causing it to stabilize and become more grounded. In a sense, one can say that laws of nature become more absolute in their vicinity. The affect radius varies from wearer to wearer and even from moment to moment. When it is at its most powerful, a Maiden Armor has been known to affect a whole realm.  

Negating Plot Armor

As one might suspect, Maiden Armor is indeed capable of negating the effects of Plot Armor or at the very least reducing its influence upon the fabric of reality. While not completely immune, the wearer of Maiden Armor will still have it easier to go against the current, so to speak.
When it comes to the question of who would win in a fight, however, the odds are more in the favor of Plot Armor rather than the Maiden Armor.  

Pacification Aura

Acts of aggression and turmoil rarely happen in the vicinity of a wearer of Maiden Armor. People will become calmer and more rational, seeking diplomacy rather than using sharpened knives to solve their problems.
This is due to the Aura of Pacification that the Maiden Armor passively emits; its more severe variant, that require active concentration, will appear to induce apathy within all living beings in their vicinity, to such a degree that those affected will not react even if they are being stabbed in the chest.  

Purifying Aura

Poisons and toxins affecting healthy bodies are not as potent as they might normally be, and the effects of the Scorched Radiation — such as the Nekaset Decay — is severely reduced and actively counteracted.
This is due to the Aura of Purification that the Maiden Armor passively emits and it arguably one of the Armor's most talked about effects. Especially those who may attempt to get blackout drunk. It is also the one Aura that the Maiden has the least amount of control over, as it responds automatically to certain conditions.  

Healing Aura

Diseases, certain malignant conditions, and injuries — whether they be mental, physical or metaphysical — become less severe in the vicinity of the wearer of the Maiden Armor. People feel less muscle pain and exhaustion and their general health improve noticeably. Someone that would normally be bedridden for over a week, will be up and walking with gusto in a few days.
This is due to the Aura of Healing that the Maiden Armor passively emits, and its effects and reach can be increased through active concentration. Usually, people will group it together with the Healing Hands ability.  

Abilities of Maiden Armor

Life Sensation

Wearers of Maiden Armor are capable of sensing the presence of all sources of life within their vicinity. This is mainly a passive ability that may be increased in both accuracy and reach with active concentration. One will be hard-pressed to surprise them, even in their sleep.
It is however more subdued in large crowds, though in the early days' large groups of people may be slightly overwhelming for the wearer of Maiden Armor.  


"It is just a few flesh wounds, don't you worry! Look at me, little canine, you are going to be fine, okay!  
Francesca Stål, towards Tonarus Craust
who had received several fatal gunshots to his chest.
Healing is one of the most well-known capabilities that a Maiden is bestowed by the Maiden Armor. It is also said to be one of the most potent variants of Healing to exist within all of Vael'Eteria, only said to be thwarted by the Dhavians, though this is still a highly debated topic.
It is said that anything short of minute-long brain death can be treated by the healing touch of a Maiden; it does not matter if more than half your body is crushed or literally torn off, it will soon be back to the state it once was; better even.
The standard manifestation of the Healing is a near blinding light that is emitted from their hands, though it can be subdued if need be, something that has no correlation to how potent the healing is.  

Healing Beam of Light

One aspect of Maiden Healing is that physical contact is not strictly needed. The Maiden can emit concentrated beams of healing light from their palms to help those from a distance to recover. While it is not as potent it is usually enough until the Maiden can give them a physical touch. Another reason why it is not often used other than in emergencies is cause it is an exhausting activity to do, and the Maiden will need to rest afterward for a few hours in order to replenish their strength.  


Purification is another well-known capability of the Maiden Armor. It is still heavily debated on exactly how it works, and it is arguably one of the vaguest abilities in the Armor's arsenal. Essentially, it purifies that which is impure. This is most notable when it comes to alcoholic brewages and toxins, especially that which is within one's body; a purifying touch upon an intoxicated person would make them sober in seconds, for example.
So far it is all quite reasonably understandable. Where it becomes much more confusing and vague is when its effects extend to the metaphysical and the fabric of reality itself.
One popular theory proposes that it simply cleanses the fabric of reality of any impurities and imperfections, all of which can manifest in all manner of physicalities. One believed example of this is Scorched Radiation and its subforms, such as Nekaset Decay.
How exactly does Purification manifest? As a blinding silvery light that is emitted from the Maidens' hands, though its intensity can be subdued if necessary, though this has no correlation to how powerful the ability is.  

Pure Eyes of Silver

"Don't you worry about them, little canine. They are no more. The stain they left upon the fabric of reality has been ... purified.  
Francesca Stål, towards a formerly wounded
Tonarus Craust in regards to the assailants
who vanished in a flash of light.
Something that can be as surprising as the Maidens' beams of healing light, are their so-called pure eyes of silver. Essentially, they release a blinding silvery light from their eyes. It comes with two variants; areal and concentrated.
  • The areal variant essentially acts as blinding flashlights that floods an area in front of the Maidens in silvery light, purifying it from that which stains it.
  • The concentrated variant manifest as concentrated beams of silvery light emitted from their eyes, so potent that they are able to vaporize matter from the fabric of reality. Some Time-Deplaced-Individuals would compare it to laser beams used in heavy industry.
This is rarely used, other than in emergencies and moments of great stress and anger, as it impairs the Maiden's sight for a short period of time after extended use.  

Pacification & Apathy Gaze

A less well-known ability of the Maiden Armor is what is known as the Pacification Gate. Simply speaking, it is a more concentrated variant of the Aura of Pacification, and it can only be actively used with concentration. How it functions is that makes those the Maiden makes eye contact with calmer and less prone to aggressive acts, and more willing to listen to reason.
A more severe variant is known as Apathy Gaze, where the one who makes eye contact with the Maiden becomes indifferent to life in general, to such a degree they will not react even if said Maiden comes at them with weapon drawn.  

Bone Creation

"The thing is, saying that I like to bone people is not exactly wrong, regardless of context. The whole endeavor usually only last a few seconds no matter what, if you get my drift.  
One of the more unexpected abilities of the Maiden Armor is its ability to generate bone. Either manifested from the Armor itself, or the surrounding ground. The bone material itself is reminiscent of ordinary white calcium but is as hard as diamond and durable as mother-of-pearls. From certain viewpoints, the surface of the bone may appear to have silvery shimmer to it.
It requires active concentration to manifest and can either be released in a single powerful burst of blinding light and calcium dust, or as several individual spikes jutting out from the ground.
More experienced users can form Maiden Bone into both an outer, additional protective layer on their Armor, as well as specific melee weapons and a few rare ranged weapons, such as bow and arrows and bolts and crossbows. There are even rumors of Minnie Etthorn being able to create guns — and bullets — made out of bone, though she is also said to have been an exceptional bone creator.  

Blood Drainage

"It is soon that time of the month again. It will happen this time, I can feel it in my soul. So I need you to stay as far away from me as possible these coming days, okey Tonarus? If worst were to happen, I am not sure I will be able to heal you while I am blacked out ... Don't look at me like that, you know exactly what I speak of!  
— An anxious Francesca Stål,
regarding the Blood Drainage.
A probably more unexpected ability than Bone Creation, and one that is more horrifying to witness, is known as Blood Drainage. It is difficult even for the wearer to stomach and they rarely get used to it or how it function. In a way, it is multilayered and uses several abilities at once.
It is an involuntary action where the Maiden manifests razor-sharp bone-claws on top of their palm, which they then thrusts into the chest of an individual; it matters not if said person wears protective steel-plated armor, it will be penetrated and blood will be spilled. Said blood will then flow along the Maiden's arm and flow into the Armor, vanishing between its faint slits.
This will be ongoing until the point where either the victim is drained of all blood, or until the Armor is satisfied. The latter is only possible if the Maiden has managed to activate Healing and thus replenishes the blood as it is being drained.
Activating Healing is not quite as easy as one might suspect, however, as it must occur instinctively due to the fact that Maidens black out when the Blood Drainage act occurs. Which is usually once a month, though expectations exist where it happens more often or rarer. What is suspected to decide how often it occurs is the amount of Corruption the Maiden Armor has drained from the fabric of reality.  

Apperance of Maiden Armor

Maiden Armor is a full-body armor that is consistently covered in droplets of Sereoth dew, as if one had just wandered about in heavy mist. Initially, its shades of color vary between light bluish or silvery-white, depending on the light, something that will gradually change as time goes on.
  • Plate Armor:
    Most variants of Maiden Armor appear to be made out of seamlessly interconnected metallic pieces; no visible gaps exist between sections of the armor, only increasingly small overlapping plates. These usually have visor helmets with eye slits that may be lifted up to expose the face.
  • Leather-Plate Armor:
    Less common variants appear to be made out of a mixture of leather and steel that are seamlessly interconnected with each other; these usually have open-face helmets.
  • Exotic Livery:
    The rarest variants — only three examples has been documented in 6 millennia — are those that does not look like armors at all; these usually take on the appearance of silk dresses or other forms of exotic livery, that may or may not leave much to the imagination. At most, they may have bracers, belts and knee-high boots made from either apparent leather or steel or a seamless mixture of both.
It is not known what causes the variants; some believe it is connected to one's personality, though it is still debatable. And despite what one may think, each Maiden Armor is as protective as the last one, though the Plate variant is possibly the one that showcase that protective streak the best.  

Protection Offered

As mentioned at the very beginning, the Maiden Armor is one of the most protective armor sets in all of Existence, something that may not be apparent at first glance.
The armor mainly provides protection from impacts caused by shock-waves, weapons and projectiles, be it from an explosion, hammer, or a sword, or a hail of arrows or bullets. While the impacts are certainly felt and may be slightly painful, they do not cause any noticeable harm to the body itself. This is the case even when it comes to their exposed skin, as if an skintight invisible force-field covers them.
The armor also protects the wearer from extreme heat as well as sub-zero temperatures. Anti-matter artillery and Void-energy blasts have not proven to be enough to harm them substantially either.
Only the physical hits which are impacted by another Maiden or a wearer of Plot Armor are capable of drawing blood, but only after a substantial beating. And even then, the Maiden can draw upon their Healing. Other entities capable of harming Maidens are the Faceless Constants, such as the Dark Hatters and the Golden Eyes, along with the Vektseyn Dhavians.  

The Touch of Corruption

While the Maiden Armor initially appears heavenly pristine with cold color palates, it is something that will gradually change. As time goes on, the armor will darken, initially as if it is covered in soot and finally as if someone poured a bucket of crude oil over it.
Its appearance will also become slightly altered; more twisted and wrong in a sense that is difficult to put on paper. People seeing a Maiden Armor in its final year may get headaches and become nauseated. Some have even reported to outright faint. Even Faceless Constants will avoid them unless strictly necessary, and even then they might simply send an envoy to convey their message.  

The Darkening

This is all due to a process known as the Darkening or Blackening and concerns the Maiden Armor's primary function: To draw in and collect that which is referred to as the Corruption. What exactly the Corruption is is not fully known, even to the most knowledgeable entities in Vael'Eteria. This extends to the Maidens. They can recognize it and combat it, but asking them what exactly it is, is only responded with vague, nondescript answers. Some have theorized that this is something impacted by an underlying function of the Redacted Filter through nothing concrete have been found out.  

The Bleaching

Simultaneously as the Maiden Armor loses its pristine appearance, the Maiden herself will also become altered in a quite noticeable way.
Their hair and skin will begin to lose all color, slowly turning white as bone; the only thing exuded will be their eyebrows, which will instead turn black.
They eyes will lose some of their shine and turn faintly violet or red, depending on the light. They will also become noticeably colder to the touch and their breath will be a noticeable cloud of cool air even in the midst of summer. The perhaps most frightening change, at least from the Maidens perspective, is that they no longer blackout during the Blood Drainage events.  

Delaying the Inevitable

Warm Blood

As the Darkening envelops the Maiden, she will find herself thirsting for warm blood. Or rather, the Maiden Armor thirst for warm blood in an attempt to stave off the Corruption: A security feature that essentially goes haywire.
When she gives in she will most likely be distraught when it becomes clear that she does not black out during the Blood Drainage. Most often, the Maidens will then use their Apathy Gaze to calm down their victims, while simultaneously using Healing in order to not make them a bloodless corpse. This is usually enough to satisfy the Armor for at least twenty-four hours, and then the Armor will need to be fed again.
Quite a few will give in to its desires as it, in the end, helps delaying the inevitable. But bathing the Maiden Armor has its own consequences as well, ones that may not be as favorable compared to death.  


In their desire to withstand the Armor's thirst and to simultaneously withstand the Corruption they will unlock a sleeping security feature that has been ingrained into the essence of the Maiden Armor: Splintering.
Essentially, what it entails is that the Armor will initially splinter itself into two identical copies of itself. Twins. The Maiden will be one but simultaneously two. Their minds are separate yet connected. Both Twins will have the same capabilities as when they were one, and the Armor's protective aspect has only been moderately lowered. In regards to the Corruption, it will become equally divided between them and thus the Armor's desire for blood will dampen considerably. But it will not delay the inevitable for long.
The longer the splintering is in effect, the more the Twins will be subconsciously drawn to each other. As if the string between them becomes shorter and more difficult to strain against. Eventually — if they now have split up into different paths — they will met up. And if they still are reluctant to grab hold of each other, they will both blackout as the Armor takes control and fuse the Twins into one again. When this inevitably happens, the Vilting will commence.  

The Vilting

"We knew it could never work in the long run, little canine. This was always how it was going to end.  
Francesca Stål, viewed in an Alteration Sphere, as she is Vilting in the arms of a distraught Tonarus Craust.
How long is someone in possession of Maiden Armor? It differs slightly from the wearer to wearer: Usually, it is a matter of about twenty-five to thirty years, though exceptions exist of course. Some have held a Maiden Armor for only a few years, while others have held it for more than half a century. But eventually, it all ends the same: The Vilting.
The Vilting is the colloquial term for the end-stage of the Maiden Armor, in which it and its wearer will disintegrate, a process that takes about twenty-four hours to complete.
It will begin with thin blackened flakes coming off the armor, that are reminiscent of flower petals in a sense. The sensation of it happening is said to be cold but releasing, as if a heavy burden is lifted off their shoulders. As each hour passes, they will grow weaker and weaker until the point where even lifting their arm requires great effort.
And then, as the last grain of corrupted sand flows through the hourglass, both Maiden Armor and the wearer will disintegrate completely in a flourish of blackened dust, which after a few heartbeats will vanish like vapor.
Of course there is an alternate path a Maiden may take, but it is rifled with pain and sorrow, and it is one only a rare few have taken, of which not many still live.  
Connected Armor Set
Plot Armor.
Seers Armor.
Grandchild Item
Remerged Maiden Armor.
Possibly Architect.
Item Type
Item Type, Artifact
Color Shades
Light bluish. White. Silver.
Night Black. Inky Black.
Symbol of
Alternative Names
Armor of Cleansing.
Armor of Stability.
Armor of Order.
Armor of Bone.
Armor of Light
Armor of the Pure.
Armor of The Corruptible.
Armor of Prostitutes.
Clarical Armor.
Purified Armor.
Unicorn Armor.
Etthorn Armor.
Palah Adin Armor.
Known Carriers
Yvonne Heavenlake.
Clarica Antellia.
Minnie Etthorn.
Francesca Stål.
Palah Adin.
Life Presence.
Bone Creation.
Sereor Manifestation.
Corruption Sense.
Corruption Drain.


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