Artifacts of Alézun'Teran

"I would very much like to have a copy of that compendium, even if I have to murder someone with my bare hands... It is a crime that it's not more widely available to the public!  
— Eirsbeth Tenera, renowned scholar.
Artifacts of Alézun'Teran is a literary work collaborated by the Union of the Archive Association and was the third project made by those involved, which started shortly after the Sacred Arts of Alézun'Teran was completed.
It was published by Enlightenment Publications in a limited number of copies that are highly sought after. Some would even say they are to die for. Most known examples are either in the hands of private collectors or scholarly institutions.  


The compendium mainly concerns Artifacts of Power created by either Primordial, Divine, or Magical means. This includes artifacts that have long since lost their inherent power or who never were imbued with any noticeable amounts of power, to begin with.
It also includes mentions of possible whereabouts regarding some of these Artifacts, as well as the silhouettes of guides for how the creation process looked like.  
1245 Pages.
Published by
Enlightenment Publications.
Authored by
Union of the Archive Association.


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