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Alézun'Teran Setting Introduction

The obscured side of the Existential Coin

The Fourth Boundry is Broken

A primal reality

Alézun'Teran is that which lies beyond the Nexus Realities and the Alteration Field. It is of the primordial, both in regards to the entities that inhabit and oversee it, as well as the energies that course through it.   It consists of an uncountable amount of realms that are interconnected with each other in not always so clear-cut ways. And some are better left unvisited even by Dhaevas.  

A foggy catastrophic past

Around 6000 years ago, everything changed with the dawn of the Great Sorrow. A chaotic and sorrowful time period that was set into motion when Architect vanished suddenly and without a trace. Dhaevas died and realms crumbled. The very fabric of reality was stretched and torn apart.   But no one quite remembers what the time prior to it was like. It is now more like an intense dream where only bits and pieces are immaculate, and the rest is muddled or outright forgotten. All thanks to the Amnesia Pulse that coursed through all of Vael’Eteria at the moment of Architect’s disappearance.  

Present struggles

Presently, most are doing their best to keep Alézun’Teran from succumbing to madness and sorrow. From ancient primordial entities battling the borderline insane, to the armor-clad woman cleansing corruption, or the exhausted guardsman fighting against bandits in an alleyway.   There are however those who seek to instill chaos and use any means necessary to further their nefarious goals, even if the end result is possible death and destruction on a universal scale. From eldritch abominations whispering madness into whichever mind they find, to cult leaders preparing sorrowful rituals or crime barons ordering the execution of righteous men.
And all of it balances on a sharp knife's edge which can tip in either's favor without a moment's forewarning.  

Explaining the setting

Alézun'Teran is a setting that mainly grew thanks to the Inn Project and the many hours of brainstorming with my friends on my Discord. Formerly, it was the name of the entire Existence, but as it grew, it became something of its own setting. Something larger behind the scenes so to say.  

Read by Soft-Inserts.

Similar to all other settings within Miand'Mésvéstell, the articles you find here are excerpts from in-world books or individuals. The books (or whichever medium the information are stored in) are read by soft-inserts of you the reader known as Bosakere. Technically, a soft-insert of you (a Bosakere) is currently hearing the Voice of Leno speak these words, though they might not fully understand them.  
The Fourth Boundry is Healed
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