The Voice of Leno

Presence of the White Sanctum


The Voice of Leno may very well be one of the most ambiguous and poorly understood Presences in Alézun'Teran. According to Architect Himself it was there when He Awoke from his slumber. It might very well have watched over Him and Mésvéstell as the latter took form from His subconscious. But according to the Firstborn, not even He understood it fully, and yet He felt He had a deep connection to it in some strange way.  
— Excerpt from The One Who Watches.
Written by the Archivist.

Barrier Breaker

Whatever the Voice of Leno is, it is nigh-omnipotent and know of things even Architect was unaware of. It can break every barrier and boundary, as well as traverse both Existence and Nonexistence without trouble. It stands above both of them. Despite this unimaginable power, it is not an active Presence. It mainly observes the ongoing workings of what is.  
— Excerpt from The One Who Watches.
Written by the Archivist.

Who listens?

Only rarely has it ever shown itself towards lower beings, as it mainly uses its powerful voice to speak about matters that barely makes any sense to the listener. It might even be so that it does not speak to the ones who hear it, but to something else. Something beyond the boundaries of Existence and Nonexistence. But whatever that might be, no one dares to think about.  
— Excerpt from The One Who Watches.
Written by the Archivist.
The Fourth Boundry is Broken.  
— Voice of Leno.


"Hi Reader! Yes. If it was not clear already, the Voice of Leno is basically just me, Lenosallose, the author and writer of Miand'Mésvéstell. The Voice is just a tool I use to bring forth information that would otherwise be unknown to any being In-World. Even to the Architect, despite He Himself being more or less a prime Self-Insert as well.   Though, to be fair, I won't use the Voice that much. Usually, it will come up when I discuss meta stuff. Like, how I came up with this idea for a world, for example.  
— Voice of Leno.

The Language It Speaks

"In-World, the Voice of Leno will speak words that sound eerily similar to Swedish, though, to them, the language the Voice speaks is known as the Holy Primordial Language.
Why Swedish? Simple. Cause I myself is from Sweden. This is also why those In-World have a hard time understanding what the Voice is saying. Though a few beings are exempted from this rule. Architect is a given, of course, along with the Firstborn. Then there is Saint Svenskia and Earthsan.
However, if they understand the implications behind the words is another matter entirely.  
— Voice of Leno.

Physical Mundane Appearance

"Does the Voice ever take on a physical form that interacts with the Worlds? Possibly. Its use would merely be to inspect and watch. It would have the appearance of a young human man, that wears simple dark grey wool shorts - even in cold weather - along with a sun-bleached t-shirt with a farmer's tan. It would have short blonde hair and blue eyes.  
— Voice of Leno.
"The avatar would be rather inconspicuous unless it wanted to be noticed. And even the Architect would not be capable of seeing it unless it allowed it. Some would say that the form the Voice takes on and the one appearance that the Architect favors the most is eerily similar, though they would not know why.  
— Voice of Leno.

Watcher over Mésvéstell

"The Voice is also a way for me to kinda explain how Mésvéstell was created while Architect was Asleep. This is a connection to the real world, where Mésvéstell is several years older than Miand'Més and Alézun'Teran itself.  
— Voice of Leno.
The Fourth Boundry is Healed.  
— Voice of Leno.
Presence of
White Sanctum.
Divine Classification
Older than Existence Itself, it appears.


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