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"Bosakere are of the Great Archive. I would go so far as to say that they personify it. They only live to seek and consume knowledge no matter its sort. You would be hard-pressed finding any other entities in Alézun'Teran who are more knowledgable than them and willing to share it without too many qualms.
So if you ever manage to receive the goodwill of a Bosakere that enjoys traveling beyond Avikhre, take good care of that relationship. Their knowledge could come in real handy one day.  
Ronaldo D'Ardbury
A man who once supposedly ate a Venomous Fire Viper in order not to starve to death when he got lost and stranded in the Rumbling Vine Jungle once, during a catastrophic expedition to find the "city of the sexy lizard women."


Bosakere are humanoid entities that most agree are among the more peculiar species one can stumble upon in Alézun'Teran, for a number of reasons. What one will quickly understand is that they live to consume as much knowledge as possible, be it by reading old scrolls, thick books, or strange technological devices.
Thus, as one might suspect, the Bosakere are among the most knowledgable entities in all of Alézun'Teran and their mental vaults of knowledge are greatly sought after, especially by scholars.  

Geograpic Distribution

"It always feels a bit odd to venture outside Avikhre. A sensation that always pulls you towards it and it slowly grows the longer you are elsewhere. Like an itch you cannot scratch. I have found that Old Reminiscence is one of the most pleasant places to wander, which intrigues me. Perhaps it is the inherent knowledge that lies veiled within its shadows. The same goes for Varldstan Cericor...  
Arnaldo Zulim.
A Bosakere who is known to lend his aid and knowledge to those who travel across Old Reminiscence. In exchange, he will usually ask for a piece of cloth from a certain culture or a particular piece of knowledge, such as recipes for alcaholic beverages.
Bosakere mainly keep themselves within the Great Archive of Avikhre and are thus a relatively rare sight outside its great walls. Beyond Avikhre, most Bosakere can be found wandering across Creastvkr or Old Reminiscence for one reason or another.
Several will from time to time visit Varldstan Cericor, mainly in order to buy various items of interest and necessity.
The rule usually goes that, wherever one may find knowledge, there is a relatively good chance a Bosakere is nearby.  

Blank Slates & Unclear Origin

"I remember ... cold fields of dark stars. That is one of the worst things really. You are not sure if you ever lived a life before the Theater. Surely you must have; how else is it that you have a name? Named things have importance. Named things have history. Named things have secrets whose answers can be unveiled. Right?  
Adalgisa Salaj
A Bosakere who frequently visits Varldstan Cericor in order to listen to dying people's stories. Belived to search for knowledge regarding her kinds' possible origin. Is also a suspected serial killer.
When a Bosakere appear on the Bosakere Theater, they are more or less a complete blank slate. They have no true memories prior to their manifestation; only flashes of various natural landscapes, chaotic seas and a cold field of dark stars. The only true sense of identity Bosakere have are their names, which resurface from forgotten depths shortly after their manifestation.
It is not known whether the names and the memory flashes are remnants of a prior life, despite a vigorous search for answers by several of their kind. Most will quickly see it as a lost cause; knowledge that will never be obtained.  

Social Interaction

Bosakere are a relatively introverted species that are most comfortable being alone and in quiet and calm environments. Being in environments where the opposite is true, causes them stress and discomfort. Sudden abrupt noises or a sudden influx of people may also cause them to either freeze or instinctively take on a faint battle stance; the latter appear to always be favored by the older Bosakere.
Some Bosakere do manage to become more social and a few even manage to become close to extroverted; these are the ones who most often visit Varldstan Cericor and other social communities.  


Reproduction & Genetics

"Bosakere are willing to indulge in many activities to take in knowledge directly. And may I just say, that they are quick learners.  
Cedric Lintellier.
A scholar who lives in Varldstan Cericor and has a particular interest in the Great Archive of Avikhre and its inhabitants. Quite an eccentric and adventurous man, he is also somewhat infamous in certain circles as a womanizer and is said to have bedded at least two female Bosakere. For academic purposes of course.
Bosakere are believed to be sterile as they have thus far been incapable of reproducing with each other, as well as any other humanoid races.
When it comes to cloning, the few times such things have been attempted, the end results have been less than satisfactory and have more often than not resulted in several deaths; this isbelived to be due to their esoteric nature and origin. In addition, autopsies conducted on Bosakere specimens have shown minimal variation from standard human anatomy. Other than the expected, they have been shown to be nearly identical to age-matched human specimens. This further suggests that their inability to reproduce is supernatural in origin, given the lack of evidence for an anatomical and biological cause.  

Granite Skeleton

While their outward appearance may cause them to distinguish themselves somewhat from your common human specimen, it is on the inside where the true differences make themselves known. This is particularly evident when it comes to their skeletons, which are not made out of calcium. Instead, their bones appear to be made out a rock-based material similar in composition to black granite and are just as durable.  

Inky Blood

The other internal characteristic that sets Bosakere apart from humans, and which is easier to discover, is the composition and color of their blood. When physically hurt, they will bleed like any other. Their blood, however, will be black as ink with a slight iridescence.
After being exposed to air for a few minutes, however, their blood will turn into a dark crimson shade that is nearly indistinguishable from ordinary blood.  

Inky Iridecent Hair

When it comes to the color and texture of hair, Bosakere is quite distinct from other humanoid races. The color spectrum ranges between either inky black or paperwhite, with some slight iridescence to both. In regards to textures, their hair either feels vaguely smooth and damp, or as dry as and course as sandpaper. The most common colors are either inky black, with iridescent shades such as dark crimson, midnight-blue or sea-green, while paperwhite is the most uncommon one.
Their hair has also been shown to either increase or decrease in growth rate depending on whether they are near sources of knowledge, particularly books.
Bosakere usually fixes their hair into pony-tails or french braids, or let it hang loose over their shoulders. Fewer, however, have short hair, as they would need to venture to Varldstan Cericor to have it cut, something that is said to be a mentally exhausting process.  

Blackened Granite Nails

The finger- and toenails of the Bosakere are of a distinct inky black color with a slight iridescence to them. Their consistency is also quite similar to that of granite, and while they grow exceptionally slowly, most Bosakere will often make it a general habit of filing down their nails from time to time. Thus, most Bosakere are disdainful of unmanicured nails, no matter who it is concerning.  

Paper White Eyes

The eyes of the Bosakere are rather peculiar and it has to do with their nature: When Bosakere first appear in the Theater, their eyes are paperwhite and foggy. As they grow older and accumulate knowledge in all possible forms, changes will occur. Passively, their irises will slowly darken as time goes on, from white to silver and finally to an inky iridescent black. Their pupils, however, remain the same stark white and will give the illusion of them having glowing eyes.  


Scleraia Velmori

Remembering Knowledge
Bosakere are capable of remembering knowledge with absolute clarity, down to the tiniest and most trivial detail. This knowledge never fades, nor can it be altered.
This is not merely limited to written or drawn knowledge, but also concerns heard and practiced knowledge. Sexual intercourse and battle stances are well-known examples of the latter. However, despite a common misconception, this is not how their ordinary acquired memories behave. Only that which has been processed via the Scleraia Velmori are believed to be privy to these conditions.
It should be noted that Scleraia Velmori only activates due to two factors. The main factor is Intent: Unless a Bosakere actively intends to learn and take part of specific knowledge, the Scleraia Velmori will not activate. The second factor is in regards to the type of information that is being studied: It must concern either a theoretical or practical understanding of things.
Scleraia Velmori may be a mental capability, but as it activates it showcases itself physically in quite an eye-catching sense: The sclera of the Bosakere, which is normally as paperwhite as their pupils, will appear to be filled with iridescent black ink which will only dissipate once the Scleraia Velmori process ends, leaving behind a faint silvery shine for a few minutes before the sclera returns to its original paper white color.  

Scleraia Tymori

Reciting Knowledge
Scleraia Tymori is intricately connected with Scleraia Velmori and allows Bosakere to recite a complete work of knowledge from memory after just a few seconds of concentration, or for instance, replicate it without fault. This can prove incredibly useful when it comes to making copies of a written work or drawn map, or even the showcase of practiced knowledge such as battle stances. This is why the services of the Bosakere are so coveted within most communities of Alezún’Teran, especially the scholar communities where they are basically seen as saints. However, they will need some time to rest afterward and knowledge recited will be vague and cloudy for a few hours thereafter before becoming clear again. The greater the amount of knowledge, as well as the complexity of it, the longer it takes to recover.  

Scleraia Perimori

Environmental Recognition
Scleraia Perimori is a hypnotized passive capability of the Bosakere that is believed to allow them to subconsciously remember surrounding environments and layouts of locations with minute detail, allowing them upon later visits to notice even the tiniest and most trivial of changes. It would be what allow them to find their way through an already traversed location, even if their sight and hearing are compromised and they are under heavy mental distress.  

Unknown activation

How exactly it activates is not known, but it is believed to be in accordance with at least the second factor that activates the Scleraia Velmori: Knowledge that concerns either a theoretical or practical understanding of things. Intent may play a role as well but it has been noted that, even if a Bosakere has shown no interest in a location’s environment and layout, they will still have a complete recollection of how that location looked.  

Debated credence

Due to this being a hypnotized ability, there are several within the scholar communities who do not give it much credence; even several Bosakere are doubtful of its existence and counteracts that Scleraia Perimori might as well be an extremely good sense of direction. No real counterargument has been given for the fact that they can notice even the most trivial of changes upon later revisits, however.  

Connection to flashback memories?

There is one minority group who will suggest a possible connection between this hypothesised ability and their initial flashbacks of various landscapes they have after manifestation; what this connection would mean in the wider sense is under debate.  

Affinity Sensation

Affinity Sensation is a peculiar ability of the Bosakere. Colloquially it is known as Following and the reason why is quite simple. They are capable of a specific trail that allows them to find works or knowledge either associated with a specific creator or similar topics and themes. This sensation can be elevated if it concerns something that the Bosakere in question has an interest in.
It manifests differently depending on the specimen: A few say it is a particular smell or a faint sound that becomes more distinct as one comes near. Most, however, cannot truly find the correct words to describe the sensation, merely that it is something that faintly guides them along to find new interesting knowledge.  

Appreciation Sensation

Appreciation Sensation is connected to Affinity Sensation, at least in a sense. Colloquially it is known as Liking. Where Following is only known to the individual Bosakere, Liking is something that other Bosakere can pick upon.
This ability allows a Bosakere to imprint a sensation onto the work they have read. It only triggers if the work is well-liked or highly disliked, and depending on the sensation it radiates, a Bosakere could eagerly pick it up or stay far away from it.
However, some written works radiate conflicting sensations, as is to be expected. This might cause the Bosakere to experience nausea and in some severe cases even blackouts.  


"I have heard rumors that, if they run out of ordinary thread, then they will use their own hair as a substitute. And apparently, it is supposed to give better results even. It makes me ... hesitant to buy their sewer thread honestly.  
Serim Auit
A old tailor who studies the sewed work of the Bosakere on the side. Said to be quite capable of haggling with some of them to get hold of their amazing clothing and sewing material. A friend of Ronaldo D'Ardbury.

Famous sewers

If one asks for a list of the most talented sewers in all of Alézun'Teran, then one should not be surprised to find the Bosakere mentioned among the top ten on that list. Some would even go so far as to boldly claim that they are only thwarted by the Stygians, though most Bosakere would calmly deny this, especially the more knowledgeable ones.
Nevertheless, it is an absolute fact that Bosakere are masterful sewers. The art of sewing is something they appear to know instinctively as if they have had decades upon decades of experience under their belt.  


It is said that, if you hand over pieces of cloth to a Bosakere, along with nail and thread, and give them three days, they will be able to make clothing fit for an emperor.
Usually, however, they will make clothing made from various fabrics, obtained from outside Avikhre, to wear in addition to their main white garb. Mantles and robes are the most common, along with pants. Something that showcases their personality to outsiders and to each other.  

Hammocks & Misc

In addition to clothing, Bosakere will also make other creations made out of obtained fabrics. Equipment sacks, pillows, hammocks and curtains are among the most common types.
Bosakere usually do not spend as much time on these items as they do on their clothing, but they are nonetheless masterfully made.  
"You do not seem to understand. There are people out there who are willing to step over dead bodies to get their hands on clothing sewn by Bosakere. Why do you think it is so expensive? It is not exactly something you would find in any store.  
Ulspar Barkste
Ulspar Barkste is a merchant who is known for his ability to get his hands on clothing made by Bosakere, and selling them onward for relatively accepted prices. It is rumored that the magnificent clothing he wear, was gifted to him by a Bosakere he helped years ago, though how changes with each story.

Common Bosakere Equipment

Bosakere Garb

Every Bosakere that manifest in the Theater are dressed in comfortable white robes that fit each specimen as if it had been tailormade.
Over time, Bosakere will resew their garb into something more unique, such as giving it a different cut and style more fitting of their personality. Some will sew on additional types of fabrics bought from outside Avikhre to add even more variety or add accessories to the garb, such as rings made out of metal or wood.
The white robes are seemingly made from a material that is similar in consistency to wool and is incredibly durable. It has also proven to be quite resistant to fire and is both breathable enough to not be difficult to wear in hot weather, and thick enough to keep one warm in cold temperatures.  

Astral Teleportation Clocks

One of the most precious items Bosakere may carry on their person, are artifacts known as A.T.C Wristbands that they were given by Avikhre the Archivist personally. They allow Bosakere to revisit locations they have already been to, instantly. While they are the most precise within the Realm of Avikhre, they do function outside it as well, such as within Varldstan Cericor.
While there do exist examples of these artifacts that are not associated with Avikhre, the majority of the A.T.C Wristbands are owned by and can only be utilized by the Bosakere.  

Archive Guide

While it is said that the majority of Bosakere travel alone, that is not wholly the case. Besides being given A.T.C Wristbands by Avikhre the Archivist Himself, Bosakere will also be handed a very peculiar book that is both an artifact and a Avikhre Species: Sentient tomes known as Archive Guides.
These will not only help answer questions and give information about Avikhre but also act as a companion to keep them company. In short, one could say they are a companion guide.  


Setting, Overall
Setting, Main

General Info

Scientific Name
Salut Aut Visindi.
Species Name Pronunciation
Species, Type
Alternate Name(s)
Asitme Vimeio
Knowledge Collectors.
Unclear Origin
The cold fields of dark stars.
Geographic Distribution
Average Height
185 Centimeters.
Avarage Weight
72 kilograms.
Average Lifespan


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