Artifacts of Power


Artifacts of Power is a term assigned to items that are created using various existential forces, such as Sereoth or Dhavian.
Selathi Races such as Dhavians, Artanghfal and Faceless Constants stand for the main number of documented Artifacts of Power that exist within Alézun'Teran, such as the Coins of Sameiou.
Some of the most well-known Artifacts, however, was forged by Architect Himself prior to the Great Sorrow, such as Plot Armor.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Forging Process

The forging process of an Artifact of Power varies greatly. Some require specialized equipment, knowledge and experience, as well as a great deal of time and power to see the light of day. Others are rawer in the sense that they need no specialized equipment, merely knowledge and experience, as well as the power necessary to create something satisfying.
Then there is the debated third type of creation process that requires no prior knowledge or experience, where all that is needed is raw power. Naturally created artefacts with no clear intent behind them.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.


Intent is for the most part considered to be one of the main components in the creation of an Artifact of Power; it is said to be that which gives it a purpose and even dictate what properties it receives.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Subconscious and Concious Intent

One usually says that Intent comes in pairs of two: Subconscious and Conscious Intent. Depending on one's experiences and prior knowledge, either side may be stronger or weaker.
If one is inexperienced and not knowledgeable in the field, the subconscious intent will be greater, which will generally result in unknown properties of the artefact or outright failure. The opposite is usually the case when things are reversed.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Post-Completion Alteration

The Intent of the Artifact can be altered post-completion in order to possibly change or modify its capabilities; this is easiest done by the creator of the Artefact but is achievable by an experienced, unaffiliated Artificer.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Types of Artefacts

Artifacts of Power can come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and with properties that may appear inconceivable to a mortal mind.
Anything from apparel that protects you from all manner of physical harm, such as the mythical Armor of the Maidens, to devices like the renowned Astral Teleportation Clocks or the sought after XP Tablets.
Then you have some of the more obscure Artifacts such as the Amethia Crystals.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.
Known Artefacts
Amethia Crystals.
Astral Teleportation Clocks.
Armor of the Maidens.
The Coins of Sameiou.
The Dices of Fate.
Plot Armor.
The World Anvil.
The World Hammer.
XP Tablets.
Types of Artefacts, Source
Magical Artefacts.
Dhavian Artefacts.
Primal Artefacts.
Types of Artefacts, Creators
Urh Artefacts.
Servita Artefacts.
Predecences Artefacts.
Faceless Constants Artefacts.
Dhavian Artefacts.
Maiteros Artefacts.
Sorrow Artefacts.
Iseate Artefacts.
Oralthion Artefacts.
Artangfalh Artefacts.
Anishans Artefacts.

The Great Sorrow

The Great Sorrow was a cataclysmic and traumatic time period that began with the disappearance of Architect. It caused the death of Deities and annihilated Realms. It was a time of profound confusion and great sorrow. Afterward, Existence Itself was changed in more ways than one.  
— Excerpt from
The Great Sorrow:
A History.


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