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Avikhre Setting Introduction

The Fourth Boundry is Broken.
Avikhre is known as one of the Servita Realms within Vael'Eteria. It is also one of the most well-known and easiest accessible.
It was created and is subsequently ruled by its namesake; Servita Avikhre, someone who is more colloquially known as Archivist.
The Great Archive of Avikhre contains all known knowledge within all of Vael'Eteria and is home to the peculiar Bosakere: Entities who spend a majority of their waking hours either looking for knowledge or consuming knowledge, usually in the form of reading.  

Setting Explained

Among the Alézun'Teran Settings, Avikhre is undoubtedly the oldest. In fact, it is older than the idea of the Alézun'Teran Setting itself. It came to be when I only had one initial setting: Mésvéstell.
I needed an in-world location from which readers could access letters and books in a semi-realistic way. Thus I made the Great Archive; a place of untold knowledge that was overseen by an enigmatic figure known as Archivist. The letters I created the setting for, can be found here: The Lost Vault and Search for a Reliquary.
When I expanded upon my Settings, however, the Great Archive grew in scope. Especially when I made it a theme that each article would be written as if from an in-world source. And then I went and made the Bosakere, who are akin to soft self-inserts of my readers.  
The Fourth Boundry is Healed.
"You can scroll me.
— The Sidebar.
Name of Setting, Full
Great Archive Avikhre.
Name of Setting, Short
Genre of Setting
Science Fantasy.
Dungeon Crawling.
High Fantasy.
Soft Magic.

Connected to, Realms
Old Reminiscence.
Connected to, Entities
Connected to, Species
The Urh.
Svadarid Knights.
Archival Glimwing.
Connected to, Locations
The Bosakere Courtyard.


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