Scorched Radiation


Scorched Radiation is the name of a residual energy that dates back to the Scorching during the The Great Sorrow. It is a remnant of the recreational energies Origin utilized while Her mind was corrupted following Architect's disappearance six millennia ago.  
— Excerpt from Great Sorrow Aftermaths.

Reality altering radiation

It is usually invisible to the naked human eye but may cause noticeable abnormal effects on reality, though exactly what varies greatly and is dependable on Väes and Evet. It will affect both the physical and the metaphysical, and no form of matter has so far proven to be immune to long-term exposure, though the amount of time until some materials may experience the effects can be immeasurable.  
— Excerpt from Great Sorrow Aftermaths.


As mentioned above, Scorched Radiation is usually invisible to the naked human eye. It can, however, showcase itself through an astralphysical lens as faint reddish-black vapor. And then there are the variants where the radiation manifests itself physically and visibly to the naked eye, though perhaps not as one may first expect.
One example of this is Nekaset Decay, which manifests as black soot. Other instances may manifest as purple flames, green slime or magenta shimmering light.  
— Excerpt from Great Sorrow Aftermaths.

Reality altering effects

The effects Scorched Radiation may propagate are numerous, though some are more common than others. Some only affects specific inorganic materials, while others target certain biological components. Some could potentially affect everything between heaven and earth. Some are completely harmless, while others would most likely make you hope you had never been born.
Some examples are as follows:  
— Excerpt from Great Sorrow Aftermaths.

Transmutational Effects

Transmutational effects are relatively common, especially when it comes to both inorganic and biological matter that turn into crystalline glass or red-veined, black marble. Some materials turns into perpetually smoking stone or continually bleeding, organic substances.  
— Excerpt from Great Sorrow Aftermaths.

Spacial / Temporal Effects

The spacial and temporal abnormalities more often than not go hand in hand with each other — though they may just as often occur separately — and are usually area-based effects. They are also rather common.
Time is either being slowed down or accelerated, or spaces are more expansive or smaller than what they initially appear to be.  
— Excerpt from Great Sorrow Aftermaths.
Alternate Names
The Daughter's Affliction.
Miracle Radiation.
Primordial Radiation.
Abnormal radiation.
The Curse of the Dawn.
Affected Locations
Varldstan Cericor.
Nekaset City.
Known manifestations
Nekaset Decay. | Nekaset Soot.


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