Chimera Valmundi

Chimera Crimbus Valmundi (a.k.a. The Hatter, The Chief, The Goblin Painter, The Elder Goblin)

"You would be surprised by how much I know of this City . But I am not the one you want to speak with in regards to such matters. Perhaps Leno or Nex will share some of the things they have heard...  
— Chimera Valmundi, towards a customer who wishes to hear some rumors.


Quite a few raise an eyebrow or two when they realize that the Kitchen Cheif and Cheif Servitor of the World Ends Tavern is an Aeder Goblin who goes by the name of Chimera Valmundi. When he is not in the kitchen working, he will usually be found sitting on a bar stool looking over the Grand Hall with a serious frown on his face.
Chimera Valmundi became a member of the Anvelian Guild some thirty years ago and reached his current position about ten years prior to current events. He is one of the most respected individuals at the Inn and what he says usually goes.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn
Chimera Valmundi.


Vice Inn Keeper

It is Chimera's solemn duty to watch over the Goblins and make sure they behave and do their duties correctly.
He also oversees the dishes and sees to it that everything is clean and pristine in the Inn. May the gods have mercy on you if you make an unnecessary mess of things. This is why it always feels like Jimmy the Goblin will cause one of his blood veins to burst.
Quite a few see him as the unofficial Vice Tavern Keeper of the World Ends Inn, but it is not a title he enjoys. It makes it feel like he has too much on his shoulders, so to speak.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn
Chimera Valmundi.

Intelligence gatherer

A position appointed to him by the Guild's leadership is that of an intelligence gatherer. Thanks to several of his contacts in Varldstan Cericor, along with his friendship with the Goblins, he has eyes and ears in nearly everywhere. Which means he always has an inkling of what is going on in the City. Most of it is rumors though and he needs to be careful what he sends forth to the Guild Leaders.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn
Chimera Valmundi.


Chimera is dressed in a beige burlap jacket with porcelain buttons. On closer inspection one notices that is a resewn potato sack, which makes most raise an eyebrow. Over that, he wears a simple apron, and underneath the jacket, he wears a grey vest with silver buttons over a simple white shirt. His pants are of a dark shade and possibly a resewed coal sack. His boots are sturdy and made of leather.
Undoubtedly one of the more eye-catching characteristics about Chimera, is that he wears three different hats. From top to bottom, it is always a bowler hat, top hat, and a flat-top hat. All of which are of a coal-black shade. Some at the Tavern wonder if it might be the cause for why he calls himself Chimera.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Tavern
Chimera Valmundi.


Chimera is quite short for a Aeder Goblin, only reaching a height of 80 centimeters. He has light green skin that here and there is scared, seemingly being old stab wounds and pinpricked burnmarks. His fingernails, which are always manicured, have a dark-gold shade to them. His eyes are cold, calculating, and of a dark brown shade.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Tavern
Chimera Valmundi.


"That was ... something. Did you know he could do that? Cause I did not. Remind me never to get on his bad side.  
Ha'ak Thaal towards Qurilion De'Sparc, after witnessing Chimera taking on a Battlebred Mercenary and overpowering him in a few seconds.

Preasure Point Applymient

Chimera has acute knowledge about the pressure points in a body, no matter the race and if they are man or beast. How he came about this knowledge is anyone's guess but with a few quick motions and with the necessarily applied pressure, Chimera is capable of incapacitating opponents thrice the size of himself in a matter of seconds.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn
Chimera Valmundi.
Miand'Més Alteration.
Kitchen Cheif
Cheif Servitor.
53 Years old.
Age of membership
30 years.
Age of citizenship
32 years.
Favorable locations
World Ends Tavern.
Favorable Anvilites
Pand the Innkeeper
Current Location
Dark brown.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark green.
80 centimeters.


Chimera has a hobby of drawing and painting. His quarters in the Basement of World Ends Inn, where one can find several paintings and drawings on the walls and on the worktable.   For the most of the time, he uses large artistic freedom, which some enjoy while others say nay to. Chimera does not care to the latter ones.


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