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Francesca Stål

A Remerged Maiden


"The Maiden associated with the Anvelian Guild? Sure I know of her. We all do. She visits from time to time, though she only stays for a short time. If you have any business with her, I might help arrange a meeting between you two.  
Leno Mídanstell.
Francesca Stål is a Human believed to originally be of Omekra. In current times, she is an highly respected associate of the Anvelian Guild, partially due to her close relationship with Tonarus Craust and Chimera Valmundi.
She is one of the many notable individuals one can stumble upon in Alézun'Teran, especially so within the confines of the Halls of Misyn and Varldstan Cericor.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

A Remerged Maiden

"Not only is she a Maiden. She is a Remerged Maiden. I can count their numbers with one hand, even if I had lost two fingers. If she is powerful? My dear friend, even those who wear Plot Armor stand no chance against her. For all that is Whole, she is under the direct command of Guardian Himself.  
Leno Mídanstell.
Quite a few would consider Francesca to be one of the most notable individuals in all of Alézun'Teran due to a simple fact: Not only is she bestowed a Maiden Armor — one of the most protective and powerful armor artifacts known in Existence — but she has held it across each of its three phases and currently is one of a rare handful who wears the Remerged Maiden Armor.
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

But not a virgin

"How I first met her? Well, it all came down to a discussion about terminology, and from there it escalated. Quickly.  
Tonarus Craust, reminiscing how he and Francesca first met.
Despite what this one make one initially believe, Francesca is not, in fact, a virgin and hasn't been for many years: Before being bestowed the Maiden Armor, she was a respected courtesan of Cericor Brothel, and before that she was one of many unfortunate who found themselves in one of the unlicensed — and illegal — brothels in Nekaset. It is not a past she likes to think back on, especially when it comes to her days in Nekaset, and if one keeps nagging her about it, one would see themselves lucky if all they receive is a black eye.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.


"It leaves just enough for your imagination...  
Tonarus Craust, regarding the looks of Francesca's armor.
Bbeing a Remerged Maiden, Francesca Stål is dressed in silver-white armor consisting of steel and silk that is continually emitting a faint glow of purifying light, making it appear to stand in a cascade of sunlight, even in complete darkness, something that makes her quite inconspicuous.
She wears a silver cuirass made out of seamlessly interconnected plates that, at first inspection, might appear to be one solid piece. Her vambraces and gauntlets are of a similar nature. The same goes for the steel pouldron she wears on her left shoulder, from which two white silk ribbons hang.
Below her waist, Francesca wears white leggings underneath a broad silk skirt that goes down to her knees. On her feet, she wears thin metallic shoes akin to ballet slippers, and metal braces are placed on her thighs and knees.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.


Current appearance

"She is the most beautiful person I've ever met. And I have met my fair share of beautiful women.  
Appearance-wise, Francesca Stål is considered to be quite beautiful. She has a lean, muscular body and stands at around 170 centimeters in length. Her whole being is illuminated by the silver-white aura that she gives off.
And due to her nature as a Remerged Maiden, her current appearance is slightly altered from her original one: Her eyes are of a silver-white shade that almost appears to glow with power, and her skin is smooth as silk and has a shade similar to freshly fallen snow on a cold winter night. When it comes to her hair, it is cropped short and has a platinum-white shade.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Previous appearance

"I met one of my old .... friends from the Pearls Leaf the other day. Did not recognize me at all. Not sure how to feel about that.  
— Francesca Stål.
Originally, before Francesca Stål was bestowed the Maiden Armor and went through the whole ordeal with her Splintered Maiden Phase, she had olive skin, stood at a height of about 173 centimeters, and had a soft and smooth body. She had deep, ocean blue eyes that could captivate any man or woman, and her dark brown hair was cropped short.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.


Guardian Assignments

"No seriously! What the heck was the assignment He gave you? It looks like you have been mauled by gigantic stone giants! Or something.  
Tonarus Craust, after embracing a bloodied and exhausted Francesca.
These are assignments that are given to Francesca by either Guardian Himself or his Champion Mirann Zolavite. The nature of these assignments are unknown and she refuses to speak of them to anyone, even Tonarus Craust.
Either they are no big deal, while other times — far too often according to her friends — Francesca will return completely drained and exhausted, with notable wounds and armor damaged.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Alézun'Teran Patroller

"She is out on patrol for the time being. Guess she will be back in a few weeks or so.  
One of the main activities that Francesca Stål currently has, and one that she has a lot of freedom in, is to patrol the entirety of Alézun'Teran.
She is to make sure the Fabric of Reality on both a physical and metaphysical level is of an acceptable condition. Signs of corruption and general damage are to be dealt with, no matter their nature, through either Purification or Healing.
One could say that this is one activity that Francesca is always partaking in, no matter what other activity she is focusing on at the time.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Hunting Splintered Maidens

"I know I should end her. And yet, what if it turns out she can become one like me or Serena?  
— Francesca Stål.
One of the most serious activities Francesca has, is dealing with Splintered Maidens. Most time that is spent in this activity, is looking for existing Splintered Maidens or observing the Maidens for signs of them possibly diverting from their supposed destined path of disintegration.
Otherwise, she will observe from a distance and protect possible victims of the Splintered Maiden's bloodlust, hesitant to do more as they might be possible candidates of additional Remerged Maidens like herself.
Rarely does she go in to deal with the unfortunate blood-draining monster once and for all, as the battles that follow are quite devastating. She does her best to end it quickly, as she knows quite well how it is to be Splintered.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Healing the Sick and Injured

"Do not worry, I am here. You are safe now, okey.  
— Francesca Stål.
Whenever Francesca gets the chance, she will do her best to heal the sick and wounded. This means that whoever she treats makes a full recovery, even if the one in question was dead a few minutes prior.
While she will usually perform her services for free, she has agreed to take money or other gifts in exchange for her healing touch, especially when it comes to those who can afford to free themselves from a few coins. Whatever she makes of it, she will usually either give it to the Anvelian Guild or the Cericor Brothel.
The ones she always offers free and thorough services for are either her friends and beloved ones, as well as prostitutes and children.
And if she finds out that someone actively hurts people knowing she will heal them, then she will take drastic and irreversible action; usually by either erasing the perpetrators from the Fabric of Reality or by draining their body of blood to feed her Remerged Maiden Armor. After the first few times, it is a practice that has become quite shunned, unsurprisingly.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Occasional Bounty Hunting

"It is a fun change of pace. And most people give up the second they understand who and what I am. So it makes things easier for all of us.  
— Francesca Stål.
While bounty hunting is not something Francesca usually partake in, it is something she nonetheless enjoys. Most often, she goes with some of the Anvelians, whether it is Evelyn Arcasai or Dinret Kadwyn or any of the others.
While she is appreciated whenever she is most sought after when it comes to the more dangerous of missions involving a high likelihood of serious injury or death. Any profits she makes in this type of activity, she either leaves with the Anvelians or among her associates in Cericor Brothel.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Spending Time with Friends

"Noo, not my fours!  
— Francesca Stål, wailing as she has to give
away her two fours while playing Go Fish.
One of the most treasured activities Francesca partakes in is spending time with friends and beloved. Usually, it involves drinking, playing games, and exchanging stories. Simply sitting and reading in the presence of others is enough to bring a smile to her lips.
Something else she of course enjoys is being with Tonarus Craust. When time and possibility exists she will be at his side, or he at hers: At late evenings at the World Ends Inn one can find them cuddling in one of the sofas or armchairs unless either has business elsewhere.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.


Tonarus Craust

Loving Partner
"My little cannine~  
— Francesca Stål, whispering into Tonarus Craust's ear as they cuddle in one of the sofas in front of the hearth at the World Ends Inn a late evening.
Francesca's closest relationship is with the Anvelian Guild Member Tonarus Craust, who she has known for at least a few years. They both share on his quarters at World Ends Inn, and see themselves as partially adopted parents of Little Lily.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Relationship History

The two first met while Francesca wore the Maiden Armor, during a discussion of terminology. One thing lead to another and soon they were more than mere acquaintances.
While it first was a mere ember, it soon blossomed into a great flame that both nurtured. A few near-death experiences by Tonarus Craust, and some deep personal fears and frustrations on Francesca's end made it all that much warmer. That they both enjoyed each other's company and shared similar humor helped their relationship solidify.
It was only strengthen during the time when Francesca was maddened by bloodlust when her armor splintered. Not only was he one of the few who still believed in her, who attempted to find a way to save her from her tormented existence, he also put his life in danger several times to stop her from killing innocent.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Chimera Valmundi

Close Friends
"Where did you get all those hats from, anyway. Your fallen enemies?  
— Francesca Stål, regarding Chimera's multiple hats that are stacked on top of each other.
One of Francesca's greatest friends is the Aeder Goblin known as Chimera Valmundi. One of the main members of the Anvelian Guild who can be found most frequently at the World Ends Inn.
They usually spend their time together to talk about certain underworld business and politics, that or playing card games and keeping an eye on Jimmy the Goblin.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Relationship History

She met Chimera first in person thanks to Tonarus Craust, but it turned out that she had been one of his faceless information contacts during her later courtesan days, which was a pleasant surprise for both of them.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.


Prior to Cericor

Francesca Stål is belived to originiate from either Omekra, or a similar Alteration of it. She grew up as an orphan in the poorer districts of the Harbor City Panacho and survived mainly through begging and theivery, though she had also begun dipping her toes into prostitution. And then one rainy day she unknowingly walked through a Door of Somewhere and found herself in the Second Ring of Varldstan Cericor: Nekaset.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Arriving in Cericor

Now she was not only poorer than she had been previously, but she was also a stranger in a strange land. She spent the first few weeks on the streets, either begging or stealing to survive. But it was a dangerous endeavor, far more so than in her former world, and she began to see the marginally better protection of the local brothels as an acceptable alternative.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Joining a brothel

What made Francesca choose the life of a prostitute was nearly being beaten to death by some simple thugs after stealing some of their coins. It was all interrupted by a worker from a nearby brothel named Pearls Leaf, who took her into the establishment to be treated. After making a full recovery and admitting to fearing the outside world of poverty and everyday struggle for survival, she was given the offer to work at the brothel in exchange for a little bit of money, protection, food, and clothing.
At first she was hesitant, since her former experiences with prostitution hadn't been exactly pleasant, but when it was explained to her that she would not begin giving sexual services at the get-go, but acting as something akin to a maidservant who would undergo sexual training over the course of at least two years, she agreed to it. Of course, she was one of the lucky ones, who joined of their own volition and hadn't been taken in as a payment of a debt or for outright money; some of her working companions were less fortunate, and Francesca found herself often comforting those who cried themselves to sleep at night. Whispering to them that they need to stay strong. That better times laid ahead.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Time as a Maid Servant

Over the next few years, Francesca Stål spent a majority of her waking hours as a maidservant whose main activities included cleaning the establishment of dust and other filth, washing clothes, preparing baths, and making sure the prostitutes has access to refreshments.
The remaining time she was seeing the Work Councillor, who trained her in the arts of both mental and physical pleasure. Embarrassing at times, and sometimes even painful. But she prevailed and stood up against the woman when the training became too much for some of the other maidens, something that at times resulted in a light beating barely worth the name. She quickly became respected among them and was at the end seen as a leader who was best to not anger, not even if you were a possible customer.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Time as a Prostitute

Francesca does not speak too much about her time as an official prostitute, though the graduation ceremony that transitioned her from a maidservant to it was a quite — and surprisingly — pleasant experience. Unfortunately, not every customer she had over the next few years was as pleasant. While strictly forbidden, physical abuse did still happen and in worst cases she would spend a few days in bed, recuperating from the ordeal.
And yet she was again lucky, as a few of her comrades did not survive the following years, and more than one time she nearly killed one of the perpetrators out of pure rage before being constrained by both friends and some of the bouncers. Her temper and beauty gave her a solid reputation among those who visited the brothel frequently, and she quickly rose through the ranks, and at the end of the three-year period, she was one of the more expensive prostitutes at the Pearls Leaf.
After three years, however, she was given an additional proposal that was too good to say no to.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Evaluated by the Inspector

According to Francesca, the day the Inspector came by it had been a slow and quiet day, with few customers and no in her price range. She had heard of the individual before but had missed seeing whoever it was each time, much to her frustration. It wasn't the same person every time; sometimes it was a man though most often it was a woman.
It was requested that several of the prostitutes from the year when Francesca first joined the brothel assemble in the upper floor that was used as a general living room. Each was to be inspected, both clothed and naked, and personal talks would be held with each and every one. Each who caught the Inspector's fancy would become a courtesan at the Cericor Brothel; a better life than their current one in every regard.
Francesca saw the worried faces of her comrades and asked outright why not just allow each and every one of them a place at the famous brothel, which was not given a response except for a slight smile on the Inspector's lips.
When Francesca became the second one to talk to the Inspector eye to eye, she asked to be the last to be given the privilege, which was accepted. When it eventually became her turn she had comforted the others while doing her best to not show too much worry herself. She was surprised by the questions given to her, as they mainly related to how she was treated and if there was any misconduct that took place at the establishment. She was then given some questions about her past and its possible origin.
It was all over in about half an hour and then the Inspector left after exchanging a few words with the Merevet Frauer. The next few days were mentally excruciating and several of Francesca's comrades were deemed incapable of providing acceptable services. Even she refused to give sexual services but allowed herself some mental pleasurable sessions with some of her more respectable and frequent customers.
On the fourth day, the Inspector returned with enough carriages for five soon-to-be courtesans. Out of eleven prostitutes. When Francesca heard it she wanted to hit the Inspector in the face with a chair but calmed down a bit when she found out that usually he only picked three, no matter the original number. Francesca was of course picked, and along with the other four she was ordered to pack the few possessions she had and after a tearful goodbye and a promise of returning to visit, the five entered the coaches and were taken to the Cericor Brothel.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Time as a Courtesan

Being a courtesan turned out to both be very similar to her former life as a prostitute, and yet very different in others. The first year she spent with a Work Councillor to refine what she had learned at the Pearls Leaf. To her surprise, she was also introduced to the art of espionage and self-defense, and while she happily embraced the latter the prospect of extracting information from her customers made Francesca feel uneasy. Nonetheless, she went with it, since she felt she had no other choice.
She was also written into the official records of Varldstan Cericor as a full Citizen and was permitted to not only leave Cericor Brothel in her free hours; if she wished she could also acquire a home of her own if she wished, though its rent had to be taken from her salary. And after two years she would be allowed to leave the establishment to choose her own path if she so wished.
Six hours of the day — or night — Francesca worked as a courtesan, with two additional hours prior being spent on making her presentable to possible clients, such as bathing, choosing clothing, jewelry, and putting on makeup and perfume.
She spent an additional four hours on something known as civil time, which concerned either working at the brothel's restaurant, the baths, or wherever she was needed, which sometimes meant helping out a fellow courtesan preparing for a shift.
Since she was required to sleep for at least eight hours, she was as such given roughly four hours of free time each day, which she could spend however she wanted. Usually, she spent them talking with other courtesans, playing games, music, or reading books.
Ever two days, however, she was given mere four hours of work, so that she could spend two hours either practicing her self-defense skills or going over the information she acquired from clients and relaying them to her supervisor, the Merevet Frauer.
All in all, it was a life she was pleased with living and would have been content with until her dying breath, but it appeared that the greater Existence had other plans in store for her.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Becoming a Maiden

A calm evening

Becoming a Maiden was not something that Francesca Stål would have considered even in her wildest dreams. She had of course heard of them, partially due to their association with prostitutes, but never seen them in person. The evening when that all changed is still fresh in her memory.
It had been a cold and calm evening, with a faint breeze. Few people were about, including herself and a dear friend of hers who were on their way to their quarters at the Cericor Brothel after spending some of their free time at the Cericor Library, both to loan some new books in addition to meeting with some of their information clients.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Stalked in the night

Unknown to them they were stalked by people who wanted to cause pain and suffering. Three men whose true intentions have never fully been exposed. Some call them simple if brutal thieves who went after easy prey. Others that they were nothing but deranged killers who had worse things planned for the women. And then there are a few who wonder if he might have targeted Francesca and her friend due to their connection to the Brothel's espionage network.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Blood on cobblestones

According to Francesca, their path forward and backward on that narrow cobblestone street was blocked by the presence of three men that looked juxtaposed as a group: Two were in fine suits and carried long daggers, while the third was dressed in simple clothing and held an ax. Without asking for anything, they attacked and while the two women had trained in self-defense, they were no real match for three strong and armed men. Soon, both laid bleeding to death on the street.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

An axe to the gut

For reasons Francesca still cannot understand, they weren't killed outright. Instead, the attackers began looking into their bags for anything worth their troubles.
Francesca was attempting to get to her friend, who had grown still as the puddle of blood has grown around her chest and back wound, and screaming as best she could for help. Something which was unappreciated, as the man with the ax turned her on her back and hit her hard in the chest her his ax. The only thing that was keeping her alive was the pure adrenaline and the will to live, but it would all end in seconds. As the man raised his ax for a second swing, and with a curse upon Francesca's bloodied lips, the night exploded into a cascade of silver-white light.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.

Wrath of a newborn Maiden

She does not remember much of what happened afterward, as it was more or less a blur from a distant dream. She can give a guess, however.
The man with the ax was obliterated from the Fabric of Reality by her Silver Eyes of Purification, while the dagger men became the first to give their blood to the Maiden Armor. Afterward, she healed her friend who was at the cusp of death, before losing consciousness.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.


They were found mere minutes afterward by a group of people who had not only heard the screams but also seen the near blinding light show. They were taken to the Cericor Hospital for recovery, though it was quickly determined that none was needed, other than rest, as the Maiden Armor had done its work well.
Since nothing could be found of the ax man, authorities laid their focus on the drained-out men in suits. Since this all had a newborn Maiden at its center, the interest of who was involved was huge. A lot of resources were put into finding out more of the assaulters, but as time went on without much more information being found, the case soon went cold. Though some wonder if the investigations were merely continued in shadow and taken care of without anyone's notice.  
— Inhabitants of Cericor.
Previous appearance
of Francesca Stål.
Connected to
The Anvilites' Guild.
Tonarus Craust.
Close Friend(s)
Chimera Valmundi.
Adopted mother of
Little Lily.
28 years old.
171 centimeters.
75 kilograms.
Wearer of, Currently
Remerged Maiden Armor.
Has all the abilities of the Remerged Maiden Armor.


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