Plot Armor

Convenient to wear
It bends reality to the will of the wearer

"How she survived? It is very simple, but if you are not smart enough to have it figured it out yet, let me spell it out for you: She is wearing freaking Plot Armor, that is why!  
— Prince Charmain, talking about Mary Sue.


Plot Armor is the generalized name on an unknown amount of armors that are believed to have been created by Architect, though according to secure sources, who wish to remain anonymous, even He was unsure of their origin.
Nonetheless, Plot Armor is considered to be amongst the most protective and powerful armors to exist both within Alézun'Teran and without.
Divine Artifacts.
They are said to appear on individuals at random and without warning, usually up until the person in question who wears the armor has achieved an objective, no matter how seemingly trivial it appears to be from an outside perspective.
How long someone is in possession of Plot Armor differs from wearer to wearer. Some will hold on to their Plot Armor for several decades, while others will only do so for a few weeks if that.
When all is said and done, it will vanish without a trace, either fading away slowly until it appears to be nothing more than an afterimage and dust particles in the air around the wearer, or it will quickly disappear into thick smoke that has a petrichor smell to it.  
Divine Artifacts.

Effects of Plot Armor

Plot Armor affects the fabric of reality around the wearer, making it bend to the whims of the wearer's good fortune. This extends to both inanimate objects and living beings, sapient or sentient.
The effect radius varies widely from wearer to wearer and even from moment to moment. When it is at greatest effect, it has been documented to be capable of affecting a whole realm.  
Divine Artifacts.

On living beings

"He is amazing! Beautiful, intelligent and charming. There is no better person than him, don't you dare say anything otherwise!  
— One of Prince Charmain's mercenaries.
People will react in a certain way to assure the wearer's mission objective is reached, of whatever nature it might be, and they will do so of their own volition, though they may have some objectionable thoughts on the events that transpired once the armor disappears from the wearer.
Beyond that, it will also cause those around the wearer to comment on their immaculate appearance and shining charisma, even if both are initially nonexistent. There are however a debate over the possibility that Plot Armor causes certain changes to the wearer, both in regards to their physique and mental state. Some people have brought forth an obvious question in light of these possibilities: What actions were originally of the wearer and which ones were initiated by the Plot Armor?  
Divine Artifacts.

On inanimate objects

"How ... just ... how?! She is standing right there in front of you, at point blank range no less than five meters away from you!? And she isn't even moving! How could you miss such a shot!?  
— Captain Bristol, commenting on the seemingly very poor aiming skills of the firing squad.
In regards to inanimate objects, the effects of Plot Armor is usually the most noticeable when it comes to protecting the wearer from physical attacks. No matter the initial experience of either party, the wearer will either appear to have bathed in The Fortunate Waters, or the attacker will appear to be incredibly incompetent or unlucky, possibly both.
In calmer instances, objects that will further the road to the wearer's objective are either given to them by the people around them or found in convenient places to be used either directly afterward or at a later date. It can be something as ambiguous as a set of chains or obvious as a piece of paper, with the key combination to the safe, laying on a table.  
Divine Artifacts.

On other Plot Armor

"Let us see who has the strongest Plot Armor, shall we?  
— Gary Stu, towards Mary Sue.
What happens when two different Plot Armors comes into contact with each other? They will engage in a battle of superiority, pulling on the Fabric of Reality in an attempt to gain the high ground. This will occur regardless of the relationship between the two wearers, but it can be mitigated if they wills it so. It becomes something much more devastating if the two wearers are opposing each other.
Now, it appears that all Plot Armor is initially equal in power, and that the only thing that sets them apart in this regard is the wearer, as if their resolve or possibly metaphysical signature affects the strength of the armor. Thus the strength of the Plot Armor is believed to be dependable on the wearer and their mission objective.
Whoever has the highest ground to stand upon, so to speak, will negate their opponents Plot Armor while being immune to any opposing effects. If this struggle continues for a prolonged amount of time without any rest, cracks will appear on the losing armor until it either finally disappears or is healed spontaneously and overwhelms the opposing armor.
While this occurs, the Fabric of Reality around the opposing wearers behaves irregularly. Gravity may be turned on its head, stone may turn to water or the other way around. Light may bend around them, causing the wearers to turn invisible to the naked eye. The people around them may become babbling idiots, scream in agony or just stand still as statues. Behaving completely out of character is also a known effect.  
Divine Artifacts.

Apperance of Plot Armor

Plot Armor does not appear to have an official appearance, as it changes itself to fit the wearer like tailormade cloth. It usually has a stunning and imposing look to it, sometimes with such disregard for practicality that, if applied to ordinary armor, would be unusable at best and detrimental to one's own health at worst.
Its practical look appears to hinge on the wearer's own knowledge of how armors work in the first place, though there is still some uncertainty regarding that possibility.  
Divine Artifacts.

Lingerie Armor

The most ridiculed examples, whose appearances are commented on even when the armor is worn, are what has become known as Lingerie Armor, named after one of the most well known Plot Armor wearers.
Armor that appears completely inadequate for protecting the wearer against any form of damage, but due to its nature the wearer will at worst only receive mild cuts and bruises. It also appears to protect the wearer from any type of weather and climate; they could walk in a snowstorm in the coldest mountains and not suffer any frost bite.  
Divine Artifacts.

Protective cloth

Plot Armor does not need to look or even feel metallic. The instances are rare, but it has been documented to look and feel like cloth or leather at various instances. No matter the material, it is strong enough to stop bullets and arrows, sword thrusts and hammer hits and even beams of hot plasma if the Plot Armor wills it so.
It may also change its color, going from ordinary grey to snow-white or crimson red. Beyond that, it can also radiate a pulsating light of various colors, sometimes in specific patterns.  
Divine Artifacts.


It is known that there are instances when the armor won't physically manifest itself on the wearer. But it will be connected to them and affect their surroundings. In these situations, the armor will -- usually -- manifest after a certain pivotal moment in the wearer's life. The armor will either appear to grow out of physical light or mist around the wearer.  
Divine Artifacts.

Connected Armor Set
Maiden Armor.
Item Type
Item Type, Armor
Alternate Names
Armor of Luck.
Armor of Fate.
Armor of the Chosen Ones.
Armor of Miracles
Nirvana's Armor.
Lingerie Armor
Possibly Architect.
Reality Bending.
Fate Altering.
Mind Manipulation.
Famous users
Nirvana Thavaren.

Nirvana Thavaren. A woman who brought the power of Plot Armor into the spotlight. Her resolve and willingness to see her mission objective come to fruition is believed to have allowed her Plot Armor to nearly position her at the center of Existence Itself.
Much about her past is left ambiguous and the rumors that have spread about ever since her supposed death more than five hundred years prior to current events have only muddied the waters of the past.
Some say this is by design, initiated by Guardian Himself, while others say it is pure misfortune. What is known, is that she nearly shredded the Fabric of Reality to pieces and caused the death of a Deity. Thus, the Nirvana Cataclysm is named after her.

Lingerie Silkie.

Lingerie Silkie lived at the same time as Nirvana Thavaren and is said to have been both a close friend as well as a sort of personal nemesis due to them not always agreeing on matters, with the death of a Deity being one among them. Some speculate that they were sisters or possibly even lovers but no concrete evidence exists; while Lingerie's past is not as ambiguous as Nirvana's, it is still quite obscure and overshadowed by the quite revealing appearance her Plot Armor took.
She used it well in battles and rarely suffered anything worse than cuts and bruises. Not even nature's elements could cause her much harm, as she was no worse for wear after traversing the cold snow dunes of Nimbus in order to reach and achieve her mission objective, though what exactly that was, nobody knows.

Prince Charmain

Prince Charmain was raised on a farm by his father and had never met his mother, who had died in childbirth. It was a peaceful, quiet life, and yet he dreamed of once becoming a true warrior as his father had once been before he retired. Prince Charmain's Plot Armor manifested as his life took a sudden turn when, at the age of thirteen, his farm was visited by a group of armed, mysterious men dead at night. He himself was skewered with a sword and then he watched his father being cut down. Finally, as the group walked away he swore revenge.
He later woke up at a stranger's house, adorned in simple but pristine clothing. The house was owned by an old lady who claimed to have been a friend of his father. The men had set the house on fire, and she had gone to investigate the smoke. She had supposedly found him badly wounded among the ashes of his home, next to the scorched bones of his father. That he survived was a miracle and most likely due to the Plot Armor that he was now dressed in.
After Prince Charmain had recovered, the old lady had helped him come into contact with several groups of interest that for several years trained him to be a feared fighter and diplomat, who could walk both the lawful and crime-filled side of Cericor.
When Prince Charmain reached the age of 25 years, he received payment to join a local mercenary school and after graduating as the star pupil, he founded his own mercenary company as a front to finally crack down on the mysterious group who had turned his life upside down.

Mary Sue.

One of the most famous users of Plot Armor is a heroine named Mary Sue. She was the supposed daughter of a wealthy merchant couple who, at the age of sixteen, got thrown out onto the street when her wicked stepmother overtook the business after both of her parents died of sickness.
She lived as a beggar for some time, before managing to save enough coin to enter a mercenary school. She aced nearly every test that was thrown her way and graduated as the prime student. During this period, she had also made a name for herself as being incredibly lucky and being at the right place at the right time: In more than one instance, she saved a fellow colleague brushing hands with death.
One man, in particular, took notice of this and that man was no other than one of the most famous wearers of Plot Armor: Prince Charmain, leader of the Charmain Mercenaries.
He took her under his wing and made her his right-hand lieutenant shortly thereafter.
The circumstances from which her Plot Armor manifested in force are not completely understood. It concerned burning district, active battles between antagonistic forces, the death of dear friends, and betrayal of the worst kind. What is clear, is that she was left for dead but miraculously survived the ordeal thanks to her Plot Armor. At least, that is how one story goes.

Gary Stu.

Gary Stu is one of the most infamous wearers of Plot Armor in all of Alézun'Teran. He also goes by another name: the Terror of Tameshia District. Said to be the son of a whore and a wealthy merchant, he made a living for himself within the criminal underworld of Cericor and proclaimed the Tameshia District as his own.
He showcased Plot Armor at a relatively young age, supposedly after he defended one of his comrades from a group of bandits who were fighting for control of the district, and he was left for dead in an alleyway.
Some years thereafter, he was taken under the wing of another wearer of Plot Armor: A man named Prince Charmain, who had taken it upon himself to help those who wore Plot Armor and help them succeed in their cause. He had already taken in another wearer of Plot Armor; a young woman named Mary Sue.
Item type


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