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Nedev was founded twenty-five years ago by Zazar Nocroth and his small band of followers. Since the founding of the town, and it's continued success, Nocroth was granted the title of Baron of Nedev by the Marchoness of Crysayth, Sayyas the Pious, to whom Baron Nocroth owes his fealty.   Having arrived in the area of which Nedev now sits with just 50 armed men, and several dozen settlers, Nocroth noted that the bluff above the confluence of the Kleab River and the Stuik River, was the best defensible location for many miles, and provided good water and farmlands. Nocroth had to first remove the gobber tribe that was encamped where the town now sits. He was able to drive them away, but in the years since then the gobbers have not forgiven, nor have they forgotten that their lands have been taken from them. For years the town was attacked on a regular basis, until the final stone fortifications were completed just a few years ago. But the outlying farmers still fear the call of gobber raiders in the night.   Initially, a wooden palisade was constructed, and that along with a promise of low taxes and easy land to work lead to more settlers coming to the town and it's prosperity increasing. When the stone walls and fortifications were finally completed, the town grew even more, and while it is still hazardous to get to the town, once inside of its walls, you can feel safe.   There is a road that leads back to Crysayth that follows the Stuik south before cutting through the forest to the town of Givzignis about a week's journey away. The other path back to civilization lies downstream on the Kleab River, and while that brings you to the city of Preang, that is a longer and more dangerous journey.   While Nedev is very safe, and the surrounding farmlands out several miles have not seen any major trouble, once you are more than 5 miles from the town things become riskier. Orcs, and goblins, roam the woods and plains, and some say even more dangerous creatures are out there.  
Current Events in Nedev
  As Mid-Summers Day approaches and the town prepares for the festival, and the coming of age ceremonies that will highlight the occasion, the town is at peace and prosperous. Zazar Nocroth and Lady Budua Nocroth have been making the rounds, encouraging their people to decorate and prepare for the celebrations. Extra ale has been ordered, food flows into the town to feed the population, and old rivals have been seen walking together in friendship. It is a time of joy in everyone's life!   The children ready themselves for the ceremonies that will make them adults with a little anxiety. They must choose a path for the rest of their life. Truly, the first real decision in their short lives to be made on their own. Most will choose to follow their parents and take up their parents trade. Some will choose to enter service with others, perhaps with the guard, or a noble house, or even on one of the fishing boats, or merchant houses. But some will choose other things for their lives. it is said that on Mid-Summer's Day all dreams can come true, but not all will.


90% Human 5%   Halfling 3%   Dwarven 1%   Elven 1%   Other


Baron Nocroth rules the town and surrounding territory. He has a small council of advisors, and at least once a month he meets with the town leaders to hear their concerns.   Crime and Punishment


the town ahs a good stone twenty foot wall surrounding it as it sits on a bluff overlooking the river. Many watch towers dot the walls, and the Watch keeps at least two soldiers in each tower most of the time.  The gatehouses are solidly constructed and well maned.


Due to the isolation of the town, many things are either manufactured in town, or they are rare. There is a water powered mill just outside of town. Most streets have open sewer trenches that eventually spill into underground pipes that carry the flow out to the rivers to be washed downstream.


The town is divided into several smaller neighborhoods.   
The Nobles Quarter
 Located in the north-east part of town from West Gatehouse to the East Gatehouse. This quarter houses the richest members of the town including all the nobles that the baron has made since his elevation to that rank, most of which are his closest friends and supporters.  
The Merchant's Quarter
Located in the Western section of town from the West Gatehouse south to the Port quarter. most of the shops of artisans and crafters are located in this area.  
The Alleys
Consisting of smaller streets that are too small for most carts to travel down easily, the Alleys consist of multistory tenements with a few small shops.  Most of the buildings are wood, with wooden roofs, and simple wooden shutters for windows.  
The Port
The section of town that consists of the dock section of town and that section just inside the dock walls. many small taverns and warehouses are in this part of town, as well as shops and craft persons dedicated to boats and boating.  
The Green
Once kept as open land inside the walls to hold herds driven in from the farms during times of trouble, the Green is located on the southern side of town along the south wall. These days the Green contains some of the craft businesses that are a little to loud or stinky to be close to the other residents.

Guilds and Factions

The town has two guilds, the Merchant's Guild and the Crafter's Guild. These two guilds control the commerce of the town, and as such they have considerable influence over the politics.


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