Merchant's Guild

The Merchant's Guild encompasses most of the shops and services that do not directly craft their products. They work closely with the Crafter's Guild to insure that all businesses in Nedev are not taken advantage of.   Kelirsa Griff served as the Guild Mistress of the Merchant's Guild until recently, when she was replaced in a ver yclose election by Ilric Basi.   While not every merchant in Nedev is a member of the Guild, all of the merchants that have physical shops are strongly encouraged to be members. The merchants who travel to and from Nedev are not members, although they are required to follow the Guild rules in order to sell their wares in town.


The Guild Mistress (Master) is assisted by a small council of merchants who are tasked with helping form Guild policy. Although the Mistress or Master has the ultimate authority over any decisions, it is rare if a decision does not have the majority support of the council and members.   The Guild Mistress/Master serves for two year term and is nominated and elected by the members, with the newly selected Master/Mistress needing final approve from the Baron, although he has never rejected an elected member, although he has campaigned for or against members in the past.

Public Agenda

To improve conditions for commerce within the Barony of Nedev, by representing the needs of the guild members before the Baron.  These needs include improved roads and ports; Increased security on the roads and rivers; and opposing any increase on taxes upon the merchants.


The Guild is quite wealthy, and has a nice guild house in the Port section of town.

Commerce brings Civilization

Guild, Merchant
Notable Members


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