Sayyas the Pious

The Machoness of Crysayth, Sayyas the Pious is a devoted follower of the Risen, and is seen in the Temple of Light almost as often as her own keep. Over the years she has encouraged her children and her other family members to pursue a life in the Temple, and many of them have, to her delight.   As she now reaches the later years of her life, she is proud of what her family has been able to build out here on the edge of the Empire of Kyrnia. Her expansions into unsettled lands has expanded her borders and her income and done much to make the March of Crysayth one of the great places for adventurers.    She knows she has to name an heir soon, and has thought of several of her nieces, nephews and cousins for the post, but she is still looking for one of them to show the devotion and ambition that has driven her in her life.


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