The Griffin

The Griffin is owned by Maror Griff and his wife Kelirsa Griff and is the finest inn in Nedev. The Griffs and their children and staff do their utmost to insure that all their guests needs are meet, of course that level of service comes at a price, making staying at the Griff one of the more expensive evenings in town.     The food is first class, and except for possibly the fish dishes from River Inn, no other establishment surpasses what this kitchen can do. Even the Baron and his family come to the Griff on occasion when they are looking for a superior meal. Several times. Baroness Budua Nocroth has tried to hire away the chef, but fortunately for the Griffs, the chef is very loyal to them.  Large doors can be thrown open to allow a view of the private garden space where during the warm summer months, tables are placed for diners.   The rooms are all large and private, with several floors and wings of the inn wrapping around the private garden in the center. Most rooms have private baths, and water is always boiling and ready to be brought to the rooms when needed. They also have rooms above the stables for the servants of guests.   Most people in town can not afford such luxuries except on special occasions, but the Griffin is where you will find the well-to-do merchants and nobles enjoying their evenings.
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