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Arvid Ducher

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Arvid Voy Ducher

Arvid was a Zocci craftsman from Zavi. He lost his mind and eventually his life to desert madness and Cryolidhium poisoning, though some claim he still roams the Diandi Len Desert.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Arvid was born and raised on the Zavi Station. His family ran a small Zocci workshop, where he learned to make intricate panel inserts. He enjoyed being a craftsman and was on his way to becoming very respected in the trade.
He married his neighbor and good friend Carey Madzon. He always admired her artistic abilities in her own field of choice, Braid.
When Arvid turned 30 he and Carey decided it was time to start a family. Since both were well known on Zavi for their artistry, something highly prized on the orbital colony, they didn't have to wait very long for their chance. They took time off from work to travel Vondren while taking the proper medication, a practice common on Zavi at the time.   Unfortunately the two never returned from this trip.
As they were heading from Vullavual Laud to Eacner Jredde they were involved in a colossi related accident. He, along with Carey and the other passengers, had thoroughly lost his connection to reality. But, unlike the rest who remained fairly immobile, with only occasional mumbling, Arvid was over active in his mindless babbling. He would often claw at the walls of whatever room he was being treated in, or sit in the middle of the room watching something no one else could see move about.   The people taking care of him and his wife also raised their son, who was born sometime after the accident. He would spend hours babbling oddities to the boy when he visited, calling him Honei, though he called everyone Honei. Honei would often 'translate' what he meant, though it was commonly believed that he was making it up.
According to Honei's translations the thing Arvid was watching was the Sorrow Bringer, a colossi that roamed the area, and that the reason he clawed at the walls was that he was trying to get to it.   After Honei grew up and left Vullavual Laud, Arvid managed to escape, and ran screaming into the desert. It is widely considered that he died within the first day, but many diggers from The Pile tell stories of having been attacked by a small colossi that resembles a Chiuov. While none of these tales hold any water, or have more than one unreliable witness, the legend of it being the desert-addled Arvid, turned wild colossi, abound.

Mental Trauma

Went to visit Vullavual Laud on holiday with his wife. As they were leaving after a wonderful vacation the airship they were traveling on crashed leaving them, and the other passengers, fending for themselves in the desert.
They were both found by HavocBreakers and brought back to the town, but had suffered desert madness and mild Cryolidhium poisoning from the accident.
They were treated but the cure hadn't been invented yet and they never recovered enough to get back home, or even know where home was.


Carei Madzon


Towards Arvid Ducher


Arvid Ducher


Towards Carei Madzon


Arvid Ducher


Towards Honei Buchhead


Honei Buchhead

First Child

Towards Arvid Ducher


Current Location
Date of Birth
Around Dynamism 420, in the month of Voidi
73 DarkWar 20 DarkWar 53 years old
Circumstances of Death
He ran out into the desert and was never heard from again...
Carei Madzon (Spouse)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Green and yellow

Arvid's theme, after accedent.

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