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HavocBreaker is a catch all term for people who work outside of normal society.
Also sometimes collectively, if wrongly, known as Pirates or Mercenaries.
All sorts of jobs fall under the HavocBreaker umbrella.
  • Colossi Hunters
  • Bounty hunters
  • Smugglers
  • Thieves
  • Beggars
  • Fencers(salesmen not swordsmen)
  • Junk dealers
  • Archaeologists and treasure hunters
  • Historians and seekers of lost truths
  • Unlicensed Doctors
  • etc...



There are no qualifications needed other then will when it comes to Hacokbreaking, though you may want to have soem skill if you want to be paid and not end up dead.   It may also behove you to have a personal vehicle or work for someone with a personal vehicle.   Knowing where to find work or how to attract it is also crutal.  
Being a pirate is easy, just pick your flavor.
  Want to be a Bounty hunter? Be willing to capture other people for money.
A Smuggler? Have a place to hide things. A Thief? Have the will to take what doesn't belong to you. Thats it, thats why you don't matter.
  Now stop whinging and die already.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment as a Havocbreaker is sketchy at best. There is no promise that anything you do will be profitable, but if it is then it's very often massivly so, hence the appeal.


Social Status

Pretty poor on the planets, fairly average for spacers.


Only a very small amount of the population are Havokbreakers.
(though they have the most interesting stories and are the majority of player characters)


Havokbreakers used to be mostly about hunting out Cryolithium, it has since branched out..



Personal transportation is so important in this profession that if some one sees you have your own vehicle they will assume you are one.
Other than that anything you can get your hands on or slap together is fair game. Havokbreakers often have very specialized, jerryrigged, hand made tools for that they want done.

Provided Services

Pretty much anything you could want done you'll find a Havokbreaker some where that will do it.
Not all havokbreakers will do all things though. So be careful who you ask to do what, or you may end up regretting it.

Dangers & Hazards

Pretty much any job you do will have the possibility of you ending up dead or seriously maimed. And if you are on Vondren you are likely to be arrested for piracy.
Alternative Names
Pirate, Mercenary
There is so much no one wants to dirty their hands with, but still needs doing.
Highly illegal on Vondren
Questionable on Jaumun
Perfectly average in space and anywhere ruled by the ZaVita Mutuality
Ranks & Titles

A maladie?

It is been proposed that those who take on the strange and dangerous jobs associated with being a HavocBreaker are mentaly unsound.   This has brought a bit of tention between the Bhcu Cuhcil Medical Society and the Vondren Military.   The Vondren Military sees all HavocBreakers as pirates, and has a very strict policy on how to deal with them, a policy that would be undermind if they were to be heading to hospitals instead of prisons.  


No treatment has yet been devised, though a few have been tried on prisonors of Ciwn Securities.

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