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  A planet in the Kriocesocr System, Jaumun is in a binary orbit with the planet Vondren.   The largest land mass of Juamun is teaming with hostile wildlife and Colossi. The further you go from the coast the more danger you are in. Becasue of this most people on that landmass live in Ciarn, a well protected coastal city. And most on planet trade is done over sea routes. The best spaceports are also in Ciarn.


The planet is broken up into four major regions, Allancia, Dinali, Caliva, and Zoen.
  • Allancia is a cold saltwater ocean in between the landmasses of Jaumun. Allancia is controlled by the Kingdom of Ncia. The ice city of Ncia is located here.
  • Dinali is a savanna type region. It's controlled by the Ciarn Tech Consortium. It's home to Ciarn and Daum.
  • Caliva is a subtropical heavily forested region. It's controlled by the Veracity who are not part of the Jaumun Federation. Aeance is located there.
  • Zoen is the outer ocean. Home of the Coldol Empire located in the Coldol islands.
Home to the Vivie.
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Neludej Jaumun, Jorudej
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