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Colossi are huge eldritch beasts, each one vastly different from the last.
Said to be part animal part machine, these biological weapons are terrors to behold.
They darken the sky with their massive bodies and uncountable tendril like limbs, only to light it up again with the glow of Cryolidhium.  
It opened its true mouth. True.. unmouth? Swallowed them whole. So empty... it was so empty. The ships, from the sky. So empty.
— Sole survivor of a Cavernfoot attack, when asked his name.
  While the shear size of most colossi is dangerous enough, its the warped reality around them that most worry about. Even smaller colossi can cause massive damage to living beings around them. Similar to Cryolidhium poisoning, which can mutate people given enough time, a colossi can make a noise that causes a similar mutation. Though the 'scream' of a colossi is much more fast acting and horrific.  
The beast awoke with a scream that caused havoc on the small group. Vear watched helplessly as his mother's head exploded and his father began to bleed from all his orifices. The other occupants of the boat didn't fair much better, including a friend of his that inflated like a balloon. Very few of them made it home that day, but that wasn't the end of the monster's wrath.   Those that didn't die right away began to mutate, the scream had poisoned them with Cryolidhium. Vear's own face began to twist into a horrid grin, despite how anguished he was over the death of his parents, and he grew terrifying giant flat teeth.   Luckily there was a Cure for Cryolidhium poisoning, and it was surprisingly inexpensive. Though, while it did stop further mutation and the painful death of the poison, it could not undo what had already been done.   Vear would be stuck smiling for the rest of his life.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

No two colossi are alike. it is unknown if they are actually a species of animal or strange mutations of less horrifying creatures. The only features that are common between them are an excess of limbs, massive size, and production of Cryolidhium.   They seem to not need to eat, though many do anyway if something is in eating range.   No one is really sure where they come from or how more are made, and not many a brave (or stupid) enough to find out.
Each has its own path it seems content to follow, though they do stray a bit here and there.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They produce Cryolidhium in their bodies and the stuff is often mined from their bones.
Only the most reckless or wild groups attempt to take the living creatures down for the valuable resource.   All attempts at domestication, or even confinement, have ended catastrophically.

Average Intelligence

While what they think (if they think) is unknown, most at least feel intelligent.  
The Leviathan Vreegon's strategy for catching waverunners felt thought out and malicious. It would hold them still with its smaller leg type appendages and while the crew tried to figure out why the runner wasn't moving it would slowly bring its glowing tentacles up out of the water, giving them plenty of time to panic before wrapping the runner and pulling it under the waves.   It was also known to follow searunners for hours, just close enough to be seen, only to grab them up when safety was in sight.   It had a habit of leaving a lone survivor from each attack, floating half dead and delirious in the ocean. Many felt this was intentional.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most seem to have no awareness of whats around them at all, while others seem to know what is around them at all times. It is unknown if this is something different from beast to beast, but it is theorized that the ones that seem oblivious, can actually sense as well as the others, but simply don't care.
It is believed that they can simply know everything in a field around them, the how really isn't something very investigate-able.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

While they are usually too dangerous for most creatures to get close, there is one Dreadnought Typhon with a town on its back.
The story goes that after the Vida Disaster, a chunk of the Vida Colony landed on its back and the people in that section survived due to the reality warping properties of the colossi. They, allegedly, live there to this day, unable to get down and going mad from the cryolithium leakage.
Behemoth - Any Land dwelling Colossi
Leviathan - Any Sea dwelling Colossi
Typhon - Any Sky dwelling Colossi

Eidos - Any 'smaller' Colossi (step on your face/house)
Revenir - Any 'regular' Colossi (step on your village/town)
Dreadnought - Any titanic Colossi (step on your mountains)

Unknown, though over a thousand years at the least if left alone
Average Height
100 - 150ft
Average Weight
200 tons
Average Length
100 - 150ft
Average Physique
Horrifically mutated   They do not always have faces. Many find this disturbing when they look at you anyway.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most seem to have a glow about them.

Well known Colossi

The Glacial Phantom
Vreegon was a Leviathan that once roamed the trade routes between Coldol and the Kingdom of Ncia on Jaumun
The Sorrow Bringer
Railripper is a Typhon that roams Diandi Len on Vondren. It is most notable for straying from its set path more than most, causing much more casualties than avoidable ones.
The Empty Abomination
Caverfoot is a Behemoth that roams the Dinali savanna on Jaumun.


Star Catcher
Vidaalbenbori is a Typhon Dreadnought the roams Jaumun and is said to carry a chunk of a space-station on its back.
(translation: Sky Warrior With Vida)
Death Mountain
Benudej Zoa is a Behemoth Dreadnought that lays dormant for long periods of time in the Chivina Men region on Vondren and is the size of a mountain.
(translation: False Mountain)

Articles under Colossi

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