Criolidhium poisoning

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Exposure to raw or unstable Criolidhium can poison a person. It has a similar effect to a Colossi scream, though much slower.

Transmission & Vectors

Criolithium poisoning can not generally be passed from person to person, though it can effect children produced by the infected.


Caused by overexposure to criolithium, usually in a backlash of energy, but getting shards of the crystals in you has been known to cause it as well.


First stage is mostly just pain and mood swings, though there is an upside of increased strength.
Second stage involves loss of feather/hair over time, a general weakness of limbs, and a creeping of the less destructive mind effecting elements.
At the third stage one starts experiencing more intense mood swings, hallucinations(auditory and visual), possible bleeding from orifices, glowing of the nails, eyes, and what hair/feathers remain.
Most die in some fashion before reaching the final stage. At this last stage visiable mutations and loss and most cognitive functions occurs.  


There is now a Cure for Criolithium poisoning, created by Doctor Dart West.
Thanks to his efforts and open sharing of the formula, a synthetic sure is easy and cheep to come by.


Criolithium poisoning progresses in notable stages, but the speed of progression is different depending on the person, the amount of exposure, and how exposure happened.
Most die from this infection over time, and those who don't change to be near unrecognizable as to who they were before.
There are 4 stages.

Affected Groups

Anyone who is exposed to massive amounts of active criolithium is susceptible to its effects.

Hosts & Carriers

Colossi carry and produce criolithium in their blood and bones, and the can infect people with the poisoning if conditions are right.


Luckily criolithium poisoning can only be spread from parent to unborn child, and anyone with it is banned from getting the needed medication that lets them reproduce, so it's rare that it happens.
Chronic, Acquired


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