Plantes in the system

  1. Ildilbirri
  2. Ildilbirri II
  3. Estveditum
  4. Juso-Qiga
  5. Jaumon and Vondren
  6. Ersha (Nas)
  7. Oga
  8. Adudium
  9. Jedtga
  10. Neparja



Juso-Qiga is a large greenhouse planet with little ground water, most of it is in the air. This seemingly inhospitable planet is inhabited by insect like creatures, which thrive in the low water/high heat environment.


JauVon is plasmapunk setting of tiny people, giant bugs, and massive abominations.   Somewhere between Steampunk and Cyberpunk, a neon-Victorian nightmare of beautiful colors and delicate filigree, with a hint of cosmic horror.   A place where space travel is a daily occurrence and yet the planets lay mostly unexplored, where a walk in space is safer than a walk around town.


Ersha is the 7th planet in the Kriocesocr System. It had seven moons up until 189fv when the last moon vanish, prompting the beginning of the Ersha Diej, or New Ersha, dating system along with the start of the Darin Shug, or Moon Fall, era.   Ersha's moons are Malyrnchael, Spectral, Nususare, Czarina, Thurible, Iolabarne, and Korkuvo


A planet shut off from the rest of existence, serving as prison to a titan, though every now and then something is let out.