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  A planet in the Kriocesocr System, Vondren is in a binary orbit with the planet Jaumun.   Vondren's ocean, Bloen Cel, is teaming with hostile wildlife and Colossi. Because of this most towns are kept away from the shore and all major trade routs are land or air based. This makes Ocuv Ana a major trading location, and so all the best spaceports are also located their.


The planet is broken up into four major regions, Chivina Men, Della Voan, Diandi Len, and Monev Calv.  
  • Chivina Men is a cold mountain range, rich in minerals. The mining town of Eacner Jredde is lovated here.
  • Della Voan is rocky deasert type region. Its home to the unoffical towns of Vullavual Laud and Faltik-Qiga.
  • Diandi Len is a tropical jungle region. Bhcu Cuhcil and Lord Ciwn are located there.
  • Monev Calv is a swamp and the location of Ocuv Ana, the trading town.


Home to the Ovie.
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Neludej Vondren, Voiudej
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