Lord Ciwn

City in the Clouds

Lord Ciwn is a city in and around a large canyon.
The city is divided into two major sections, Lord and Ciwn.   Lord, build into the walls of the canyon, is a thing of beauty, both visually and in purpose. Home of the arts of Vondren, Lord is run by the Lordtown Entertainment Guild. Music, art, theater, litarature, dance, fine dining... you can find it all in Lord.   Ciwn, built at the top of the canyon, has a beauty of its own. Sweeping and extravagant archatecture like a crown on the city below. Cwin is the manufacturing capital of Vondren, home to the Vondren Military Headquarters, and birthplace of the Rover.


Also known as Benutown, Lord Ciwn is inhabitat mostly by Benuov. Most who aren't Benuov are thought to live there hoping to make it big, either in the entertainment industry, engenering feild, or as a military pilot.

Guilds and Factions

Lord is run by the Lordtown Entertainment Guild, and Ciwn is controlled by the Ciwn Union of Engineers   The Entertainment guild has a rich history of opposeing nearly everything the Union of Engineers proposes and the two powers constantly fight for favor within the Vondren Military.   The previous Harbinger, Altha Mulvahil, was a member of the Entertainment Guild, so it was quite a blow to them when the new Harbinger, Adavn Baird, has heavy connections to the Union of Engineers.


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Lord Ciwn
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