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Bhcu Cuhcil

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Bhcu Cuhcil is a splendorous city of falling water and integrated gardens. The city is split into three regions, or rings. Each is a lovingly cared for work of art and architecture.


The upper ring is mostly farm lands and is where most of the ingredients for medicine is grown and stored.


The secondary ring is where most people live in the city.


And the lowest ring is were the schools, hospitals, and laboratories are. As well as the more impressive gardens and parks.


Mostly Chiuov with some Benuov and Dejuov


Guilds and Factions

There are three major faction at play in Bhcu Cuhcil, if one doesn't count the Vondren Military. These factions are the Bhcu Cuhcil Harmony in Design Coordination and its subsideraries, the Bhcu Cuhcil Medical Society and the Bhcu Cuhcil Agriculture Aggregation.


Bhcu Cuhcil

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