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A courier is one who takes items and information from one place to another for a living.
Information is usaually taken to each location by hand, as continued digital passing over a few centimeters would degrade the data to near uselessness before it got to its end destination.
It is the purpose of a courier to take that information from location to location, as well as protect it on the way.




Becoming a Courier has different criteria in different orginizations.
To become a courier for the Vondren Conveyance Network you must go to, and graduate, courier school. All you'll need to learn about the job will be taught to you, and if you can not graduate you can't join.--   To become a courier for Global Dispatch or the Alliance Military there are several different jobs with different application processes. Being proficiant at orginization, time managment, and/or piloting cloud/star drivers/runners will get you far.   Those who seek to gain employ with the Packet Docks or Zoen Communiqué need also be handy with a wavedriver.


Most unofficial couriors are simply people willing to take something from one place to another, for pay or favors. This is a ricky endevor though, as some people may try to doublecross you, depending on the location you're working.   Unofficial couriors are often considered HavocBreakers.
Couriors workign in The Ring, also need to be familar with descret and swift methods of travel in their location ranges, as well as having a good sense of who will pay how well and how reliably.   No one really knows exactly how one ends up working with The Garden. Thought being liked by the SoutherLord and living in Razor's Edge liekly give you a higher chance.

Payment & Reimbursement

For members of the Vondren Conveyance Network pay is given out at the top of each week and is often a set amount based on your position.   Global Dispatch and Zoen Communiqué both pay regularly, but pay more based on how much was delivered, how fast, and sometimes by importance ot item.
Those working for The Ring, The Garden, the Packet Docks, or independantly are often paid on a per job basis. Payment is often discussed in advance or involves a few trades and extra tasks before it becomes directly profitable.

Other Benefits

Members of the Vondren Conveyance Network get free housing in the locations they are based, if they so desire it. High ranking members are valued particapents of thier local governments and often serve as mediators and notaries.   Zoen Communiqué also provide's housing, as well as a seat at the table durring important Coldol Empire matters.   The Garden also provides some extra perks for members, notably information, the protection of the SouthernLord, and a often gifts on special occasions.   While the Global Dispatch offers a nice retirment package.
Benefits of independant or illicit couriers vary greatly, if they get any at all.


Social Status

The social ranking for a courior is highly dependant on where that courior works and who it is perciving them. You can be hailed a hero in one location and considered a villian in another.
Vondren Conveyance Network members are treated with dignaty and respect on Vondren. They count as important members of the government and military.
They're even treated with soem dignity in Vullavual Laud, though it highly depends on the views of whoever's over each area.   Those who work for Zoen Communiqué are often seen as heroic in the eyes of the Coldol Empire. They're thought of as the blood of the empire. They also act as the mouth piece for the empir when dealing with other members of the Jaumun Federation.
Outside of the Coldol Empire and the Kingdom of Ncia though, they aren't given the respect they deserve (aka in Ciarn).
  In Ciarn, Global Dispatch couriers arne't treated with much more respect than any other profesion, unless they are the brave sort who take information to Daum.
And those not working for the Dispatch are often treaded as spies, smugglers, or intitled zoen snobs.   As for the ZaVida Mutuality, couriers were the protectors of the stations and became the Alliance Military when the BugWar threatened. They're looked on with extream favor on both spacestation and are often the subject of parties and events.
Even couriours for other locations are treated respectfully and kindly there, not to mention its the headquarters of the Organized Courier Service Alliance.


It is thought that before the Darkwar digital information could travel long distances and be bounced around to any location on either placnet. This is widley regarded as wishful thinking even though data found the the The Source, and its existance itself, claim it to be based atleast somewhat in fact.
  Actual digital trasfer of information is limited around 500 decimiters, after that information is lost or garbled. Becasue of this a physical means of transporting data was devised.
Alternative Names
Often refered to as an 'Oscar' regardless of membership in OCSA.
Public Services
Demand is high as there are no means of communication otherwise, unless in Ciarn.
Famous in the Field
Other Associated professions
Ranks & Titles
Each major town has atleast one major reciving tower.
Usually these are built into parking locations so data can be transfered easily.   Information and items are shipped to and from these towers to eachother, and to smaller dispatch centers, where it is then further spread out to smaller locations.   Some towns have data storage and distrabution built into thier buildings and infastructure, but only very safe locations can maintain these.
They aren't cheep to build and close Colossi proximity seems to scramble them.

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